Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chance Meeting

Joe Shonk and I met up at Phoenix sky harbor airport by accident. Not a good picture but fun meeting another "Elizabeth" list person. They were returning from a cruise and I am Enroute to Japan.

Dean Hughson

Trip to the Canaries

Just got back from the Canary Islands after spending two weeks there. This was the first time we have taken our Travelscoots with us. When we left for the Canaries, we checked our suitcases in the night before departure because of expected crowds the next morning. We put our extra batteries in the suit cases, one in each. The next morning we rode our scoots directly to the gate and the personnel there put them on the plane. When we got to our hotel in Grand Canary, we opened the suitcases and found a form letter from Helsinki Security in one that said our battery had been confiscated as it is against the rules to have a battery in the suitcase. The other battery wasn't touched. Both suitcases had built-in combination locks. The lock on the one was still intact so I don`t know how they got into it???? The batteries that were with the scooters, we took them in our carry on luggage. 

The hotel is about 1 mile from the port (Puerto Mogan) and there are wide tiled walkways in between. The scoots came in very handy for the trips in between. 

When we checked in at the airport coming home, we were told that we could not take the scoots to the gate ourselves and that we had to be escorted. Two men showed up with invalid symbols on their jackets. I told them we were not invalid and we could handle ourselves very well. They said it makes no difference just follow them. They took us thru the metal detector ahead of everyone else and put us on the plane first. They really treated us good. I couldn't believe it! After we were home a couple of days, we picked up our spare battery at the airport.

Elford in Helsinki, Finland