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Why Frankie Should Get a TravelScoot -- Your Testimonials

I had asked you all to share your TravelScoot experiences with Frankie, and share you did.  Compiling all your wonderful testimonials reminded me how much I love our TravelScoot community.  --Elizabeth

Shirley in Portland

That is exactly what I wanted and to my surprise got, My Life Back! I also need oxygen. I have a homefill and purchased two small tanks from Ebay. I put one (all I need in a grocery bag and throw it over my handle bars and away we go. I don't have any pictures to share but I can tell you my TravelScoot has traveled to more places than a lot of people. I have taken it on commercial airlines and Amtrak with no problems whatsoever. The airline let me drive it to the airplane door and when the plane landed my TravelScoot was at the airplanes door waiting for me. Amtrak was just as accommodating. I take it out on a regular basis on our local transit system and travel all over town (Portland, OR). It turns on a dime so it is a snap to get on and off the bus/rail/tram. I watch other people struggling with their bulky scooters and am so thankful for mine.

I have traveled to Tijuana twice (rode it across the border both times), San Diego (zoo and Sea World), Disneyland, 2 cruises (one to Alaska), Victoria BC and San Francisco. I can go almost anywhere with my family. I'm not stuck in a motel room hoping they are having a good time, I'm out there with them enjoying! We travel to the Oregon Coast on a regular basis and I can NOT take it in the sand. It will NOT go on grass or gravel. If there is a way I haven't figured it out.

I only have one battery and do just fine with it. Usually I can go all weekend with one charge. I am a small person, I don't know if that matters. I do think it is a good ides to have a spare. I can fold it down and put it in the backseat of my car. It is made out of airline steel so it is strong, solid but lite in weight. No reverse. The owner of the company told me when they designed the TravelScoot they debated on a reverse but that would add another 5 lbs to the scooter. It is so simple to turn they decided not to add that extra weight and I am so glad.

So as you can see, My TravelScoot indeed, Gave Me My Life Back, good luck to Frankie and God Bless. Shirley from Portland, OR

From Bev

I've always ride my scooter all the way to the door area of the airplane.  I just disconnect the battery connection (I keep the battery in the TravelScoot red bag right on the scooter attached with the Velcro straps), lower the handlebar and get off and walk into the plane.  When I arrive they have me wait almost after everyone else is off - and there is my scooter for me to ride.  (Delta, Alaska).  Saves me the hassle and also saves my energy for later. Bev

From Dona

Oh I really enjoy my TravelScoot.. Just went on a airplane trip with it.. Rode it to the entrance of the plane and they but it in with the luggage.. The luggage handlers were very impressed with it.. The size of it and that is so light.. I use it most every day..I don't even have to take it all apart to put in the trunk of my car.. Just take the seat etc. off  and I take the battery of to make it a little lighter.. Best investment I ever made.. Have recommended it to several people.. One man that lives in my condo complex bought one he liked mine so well and really likes it.I don't think anyone that needs one would regret getting one.. My family tells me I should be a distributor!!!

Bob in Tucson

Tell Frankie that Bob in Tucson weighs 390 and I have had my TravelScoot for almost 2 years and I have not had a bit of trouble with it. I say that it has given me my  life back and have never regretted the purchase!

From Chuck

Fr. or Bro. Frankie.

I cannot begin to tell you the freedom that the TravelScoot has brought into my life for the last 4 years.  I am about 300 to 305# and have bad knees, hips, and back.  It is difficult to walk more than 100 yards and very difficult to stand more than 10 minutes.  (I can stand during Mass but it is very hard!)

For the first two years, I had a sedan and I folded it into the trunk every time I went somewhere.  Two years ago I bought a SUV and now I can just lift it up and into the back. I have a rug attached to protect the rear of the car and I have a bungie cord to keep it from rolling around.

I take it where ever I go, grocery, Mass, eating out, movies, etc.  I go to several concerts every year and get seats in the wheelchair section.  I can, and have, sit on the 'Scoot for several hours.

I travel a lot via airplane.  I check it plane side and it is delivered back to me at the next stop.  I also check in with the gate agents and explain that I have it and when it is ready to be transported it weighs 27 pounds.  (I remove the battery and carry it in the cabin.)  The normal comment is, "Oh, I can carry that down."

I bought mine from Hardy, the inventor of the "Scoot, when he was working and shipping out of his hangar at Lantana airport here in Florida.

You should be prepared to talk about it to a lot of people you encounter. I carry business cards from Bonnie and Tony at the distribution point in Washington. I sometimes have brochures but go though them quickly.  The cards are easier.  I usually mention that if they are computer competent, the website will tell them EVERYTHING they need to know.  If they have an interested party here in South Florida, they give them my number and I arrange to meet them somewhere for a demo.  I have lost track of how many I have sold.

It is very easy to fold up, once you get the hang of it.  I would place it, back wheels in, on the lip of my trunk, take off the seat and battery, then press in two spring-loaded pins.  The handlebar would fold downward and the two rear wheels would fold inward.  I am sure there must be a video on the website that shows it.  I unfolded it the same way by balancing it on the trunk lip.You could put it on the ground but I don't bend over that well!!

I have upper body strength and lift it easily.  It comes with a back rest that is removable.  I do not use it because I am very tall and mount it by straddling the seat.  I am uncomfortable when trying to place one foot through the area between the seat and handlebars while trying to balance on the other foot!!

I have the lithium battery.  It weighs about 4 pounds.  The other battery is much heavier and defeats the purpose of the light weight advantage.  I had two batteries but one shot craps on me. I have been resisting ordering another spare but have almost talked myself into it.  I went to Batteries Plus and they made me a dry cell battery to fit.  It looks like two motorcycle batteries taped together.  Cost about $250 and weighs a ton.  I use it when I am not planning on having to lift the 'Scoot up.

The seat is very comfortable.  One of Elizabeth's blogs from several years ago showed an upholstery job that someone had done using a little extra padding and a vinyl or leather cover. I have been wanting to do that but just keep putting it off.

You make it go by twisting the right handlebar grip, like a motorcycle.  It starts out slow and gradually increases speed to about 7 MPH.  It does not like grass, rough pavement, etc.  Miami airport is all marble floors and I zip right along passing everybody.  It is okay on carpet but is slower.

The brakes are two friction brakes on the rear wheels operated by hand grips on the handlebar, again, like a motorcycle.   The brakes are far from efficient and I usually put one foot down to slow or stop in an emergency.  People are always walking out in front of me.  I don't understand it.


As an afterthought I have included two pictures.  One of me and one of me, the 'Scoot, and my great grand daughter.  She was probably about a year old and we were at Hollywood (FL) beach. Now she is four and rides standing up with her feet on the lower bars.  The problem now is she wants to drive and she only knows one speed, fast!

From Joyce


Are you as excited as I was to find the Travel Scoot?  It gave me me life back.  I have emphysema and my life kept getting smaller and smaller.  I'm 72, 370 lbs. and live alone.  I needed something I could put in my trunk myself.  I bought it within days of finding it.  It's been my mobility now for about 2 years and I love it.  I don't use the back support and often I think I've got to get the seat padded better, but that's minor.  I'm always thinking about ways to fit on the scooter with me when I'm shopping.  Recently I bought one of those sturdy reusable water proof shopping bags for the handle bars, so I can carry more at the farmer's market and Target and Trader Joes and etc, etc. I'm hard on my scoot and it's still in great shape.  Here are some of the places I go and things I do on my scooter.

1.  Take my 80 lb. dog for a walk.  At full tilt she can almost run.

2.  Ride it right up to the door of a plane when I'm going on a trip.  They put it in storage on the plane with baby strollers and stuff.  They have it waiting for me   when I get off the plane.  There are a few things you need to take care of to do that, but Elizabeth walked me through the process.

3.  Go to the movies.

4.  Go to busy places to eat.  Staff always find a spot for it.

5.  Go to concerts.

6.  Go to the pool.

7.  I actually took my grandson paint balling and rode around in a bumpy field to the bathroom and target practicing (he insisted I try it.)

8.  The top of my bucket list is to go on a cruise.  I've never been and had given up the idea until my Travel Scoot.  I'm going this year!

You're getting the picture now I'm sure.  One more thing, on steep inclines if my yellow light comes on warning me I'm loading the battery, I put one foot out and push like a kid on a scooter.   It's easy to do and gives you that little extra help.

Last but not least.  This was a major purchase for me, but I didn't hesitate and I'm so glad I didn't.

From Larry

I am 6’2 220 pounds with severe emphysema on O2 I would not have a life w/o TravelScoot…buy it TODAY

From Pam

I just returned from a week in Florida.  My son rented a house with a boardwalk so I could scoot close to the water.  My TravelScoot once again allowed me to be with the family.   My son even commented on how the TS let me live my life.

From Dean

Frankie---I flew 180,000 miles last year. My scooter fits in our VW New Beetle and has fit in Japanese, Hong Kong, Chinese, English, French, German, and numerous other countries taxis.  I am bigger than you. Buy the TravelScoot and get freed to travel. Happy to talk with you if you want to ask questions.

From Rhonda


I've had my TS for about four years and can assure you that I've never regretted the purchase.  It kept me working for a full year longer than I would have.  Although I've since left the workforce, I still regularly use it and still get excited whenever I hear, "hey lady, hey lady", only to turn and see someone motioning for me to come talk to them.

I recently decided that I needed to send it to Tony for a little check-up and preventative maintenance, since after all, I was still using the original belt.  It was gone three weeks and boy did I miss it.

There have been many posts on this blog written by me and about me, but my favorite is about the day Elizabeth, Melissa and I rode around our down town and took pictures of me going up and down an incline.  I'll begin by admitting that I'm not tiny, but with the Li-ion battery I can climb a 45 degree incline, but it's not nearly as much fun as coming down.

(Left to right) Melissa, Elizabeth, Rhonda
To see the "Our Big Adventure" post, click here:

From Jim

Bought one for my wife prior to going to Europe and 19-day cruise.  Best investment I have ever made.

From Eileen

Hi. This is for Fr. Frankie.  I got my TravelScoot about 18 months ago and since then have sailed the Caribbean several times and spend a few weeks in Hawaii and in the Redwood forests of

Northern California.  It has been a lifesaver for me and my family.  I am able to do things that I was not able to do before my TravelScoot.  I weigh 325 lbs and make it with no problems.  I had the seat cushioned as suggested by others and it is a pleasure.  Hope it works out for you.  Bless you,  Eileen

From Susan 

Do it!  We bought one for my husband because we weren’t going anywhere.  Even a trip to Target, Lowe’s or Home Depot depended on a electric cart that was available or that would work.  Now he takes his TravelScoot.  We take it to Costco and he buzzes around getting things that we need while I shop.

We are going on a cruise in December and he’s taking the scoot.  I couldn’t get him to go anywhere before and now he’s feeling that he wants to get out and do things.

Just get one.  Get the bigger one.  My husband is 330 pounds and it carries him without a problem.

Enjoy your life.  Get one!!!  Even if all you do is ride around the block, get some air and meet neighbors.

From Janet

Frankie, I have had a more "normal" scooter with the plastic fenders, etc., and the TravelScoot. The TravelScoot cost a lot more, and I feel was worth it. I not only get compliments on it, it is easy to maneuver and has some power when I need it.

I had to take the back off, because it pushes on my back more than just a place to lean, making me uncomfortable. That might be different with you. I'm fine without the back.

The other thing I had to do was buy a "gel" cushion. The seat just wasn't comfortable, but with the gel cushion, it's great. That could just be me. We're all built different. But I'm glad to have that cushion, because I can use it for more than my Travel Scoot.

On mine there was a little dinger bell, which was not worth bothering to put on in my opinion. I am currently looking for something better in a bell.

The TravelScoot is very "cool" I'm told. People actually stop me and ask about it. It is quiet and smooth to ride. And hey, it is just fun. I feel free. In a way it's a transition for me to go from a "normal" scooter to the TravelScoot. I feel more confidence and just FREE FREE FREE! LOL I know that's in my mind, but hey, the mind is part of getting through things well.

I like mine a lot now that I've sort of customized it a tiny bit (the back and seat and bell) and have no regrets about buying it. I couldn't be happier with it. It suits me.

From Coach Anne

I will share that having mine has made a world of difference for me, giving me independence, and making travel (air, cruise), shopping, museum-visiting, festival-attending, etc. etc. etc. possible

when they were not before. Even visiting friends/family in the hospital. And can't forget, making it possible to see my awesome MD, whose parking lot is too far from her office for me to walk.

For me, buying my TS was an easy and no-regrets decision.

From Debs

Hi Frankie,

I bought a TravelScoot earlier this year, after reading the stories on this site. I am a large woman and my mobility is impaired by arthritis. It took me a little while to get used to the TravelScoot, but now that I am comfortable with it, I appreciate how narrow my life had become before I had the scoot. I used to go to work and that was about it. Now my life is full of all sorts of adventures and I feel much happier as a result.

Over the past few days I have been to two museums, a play and on two shopping trips, none of these would have been possible in my pre-scoot days. And I don't have to rely on my husband or anyone else, the scoot goes into the boot of my sports car, and I can manage it on my own.

Hope this helps. Debs

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ergonomic Bicycle Seats

This question is from Ronnie, who is wondering.. 

Has anyone ever tried one of those ergonomic bicycle seats on their TravelScoot?

Brian at the Arts Festival

Brian and his TravelScoot at the Arts Festival in State College (Penn State University) 

TravelScoot in Australia

From Denis, in Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

We took my TravelScoot with us on a holiday around Australia and it performed very well.  We purchased a more robust (than the one it arrived in) and wheeled case for it and it survived the trip without any damage. We plastered fragile and scooter stickers over it. In total we had about 8 flights.  I obtained written approval for the LI Ion battery before I left and had no issues with taking the battery on board as hand luggage.  The approval was checked each flight.   The case itself caused some indecision due to its large size and fragility but , with patience , it eventually got the ok for all flights.  I would recommend you give yourself plenty of time to check in – at least  1.5 hours prior to departure.

Next time I think I will try the alternative “ride the scooter to the plane” strategy. I think it will result in less explaining and will also allow me to ride those long airport corridors without “hitching” a ride on a airport cart or slowly walking.

Overall the scooter was a tremendous asset. It allowed me to go for many long “walks” with my beloved and family. My 3 y-o grand-daughter just loved riding on my lap , especially when she worked out how to twist the accelerator!

Share your experiences with Frankie

I have been corresponding with Frankie in Chicago, who is a big guy thinking about purchasing a TravelScoot.  He actually told me I "made his year" so I suspect he's got his finger on the "order" button, but he's wanting your input too.  Do you think the TravelScoot will work for him?

Frankie wants to get his life back and go back out in the world, while also having a way to carry his oxygen. And as we say in Louisiana, the lagniappe (little something extra) is that the scooter is small enough and lightweight enough to fit in his car.

What words of wisdom do you have for him?

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Where's the TravelScoot?

Hi all!  I thought you might enjoy seeing how helpful (and fun) a TravelScoot can be when you're shopping.    

Sorry I've been so quiet lately.  I hope you're all scooting along nicely!