Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Big Adventure!

Our Big Adventure!

Today was about friends and the fun side of owning a TravelScoot. Rhonda, Melissa and I set out to celebrate Rhonda's birthday and break in Melissa's new TravelScoot.

Our day started out loading three fully assembled TravelScoots into the back of Melissa's 2006 Toyota Sienna minivan.

In this picture my husband Alan is loading my scoot. I have my big lithium ion and a regular size lithium ion battery. Melissa has the SLA battery and Rhonda brought her regular lithium ion.

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This picture is taken from the side door of the van.

The seat behind the driver's seat folds forward and attaches to the driver seat. That gave us enough room for the third scoot.

We drove to downtown Baton Rouge, parked, unloaded and before we'd gone very far, we found our first photo opportunity parked on the side of the street. This is what Rhonda wants her scoot to look like when it grows up!

Melissa, with the wind blowing through her hair.

I hope this picture gives you an idea of the incline Rhonda and Melissa are on. Rhonda is the lightest of the three of us, Melissa is in the middle, and I'm the heaviest.

This incline shows how the TravelScoot will perform differently for different weight riders. Melissa and Rhonda are able to drive up this incline with no problem, and they did it multiple times. I can only go about halfway up and have to turn around.

This was their first trip to the top.

All the way to the top, and now they're coming back down.

See the car turning in? We got some great smiles from him as he was getting out of his car. I'm not sure he knew what to think about us.

This is Melissa's second time at the top of the hill, and she's getting braver, but NOT as brave as Rhonda.

Rhonda's probably been to the top of this hill one too many times, because I swear I heard her say, "Here, hold my earrings!" before I snapped this shot.

I love this picture because I took it from somewhere I've never been before, the walkway over River Road. It's a beautiful view on a beautiful day. On the left is the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum and the Planetarium.

Click here to read about the day Alan and I visited the LASM.

After this shot we ended up riding an elevator to get to another level. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the three of us in one small elevator. It would have been priceless!

Here I am in front of the fountain that's in front of the Shaw Center. That's the Mississippi River Bridge in the background. This is the coolest fountain, and yes, we did get a little wet, and I've also spared you the dozens of pictures we took of the fountain at various heights.

This was taken inside the Shaw Center.

This wonderful view is from inside Tsunami's, a restaurant on the top floor of the Shaw Center.

We are looking out at the Mississippi River.

We parked two of our TravelScoots on one side of the table.

The third TravelScoot is on the other side of the table.

Today was the first time I've EVER eaten sushi. It surprised me to find it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. All this sushi is cooked. The pink stuff in the lower right hand of the picture is pickled ginger, used to cleanse your pallet. I tried a little, and won't be doing that again anytime soon. That was 12 hours ago and I haven't totally lost the taste of it yet.

After lunch, we continued our tour of the Shaw Center by checking out the bathroom. I'm babysitting the scoots, and what better to do that take pictures while I wait?

A very nice employee of the Shaw Center volunteered to take this picture.

Yes, we're still experiencing the novelty of three TravelScoots at once. Maybe we can work out a synchronized scooting routine!

After our downtown foray, we decided we needed to look at every single item in Hobby Lobby. As you can imagine, that took hours to do right! My sister Georgia walked in as we were leaving and took the next two wonderful pictures.

This is our Mama duck and the baby ducks shot. When we trail along after one another we take turns being Mama duck and leading the way.

After Hobby Lobby we checked out the Dollar Tree and Goodwill, then made our final stop of the day at Casa Maria for something icy and cold.


  1. Those are excellent pictures, it looks like you all had an amazing and fun day :)

    I would LOVE to see a synchronized scooting routine video from you guys!

  2. WOW what fun you all are having, I am so GREEN with envy. I'll say it again, you are the Three Musketeers on your trusty steeds! I would have loved to have been there with you all. I am sure you all will have many more fun outings together. :)

  3. Cynth, I would say that you'd have to come and film it, but if you were here, we'd need someone else filming because you'd be IN IT!

  4. Denise, you're right! We're actually the Three Musketeers even when we're not on our scooters. Melissa and Rhonda are great friends and having the scooters just enhances our friendships.