Thursday, September 23, 2010

How the TravelScoot changed Mike and Kathy's lives

From Denise:

Hi Elizabeth.  I wanted to send you a note I received from one of my Cruise Board "Internet Friends" KathyC (with her permission) about how the TravelScoot has changed her and her husband's lives. She learned about the TS from me last year when I took mine on our cruise to Europe and knew it was just the thing for her husband Mike. He has a number of medical issues that make walking very difficult. They just took a vacation to Mackinac Island, Michigan:

Mike rode the travelscoot down a VERY steep incline when he boarded the ferry to the island & on the return trip the scooter got his 260 lbs back up that very steep incline with no problem. The scooter was parked at the back of the ferry. They covered it with tarp so as not to get wet when we took our seats for the 16 min trip. Mike got on the travelscoot & we strolled thru the streets until we reached the Grand Hotel. As we reached the steps to the hotel, Mike got off the travelscoot & I was about to pick it up & carry it up the steps (all 35 lbs of it) when 1 of the attendants came rushing down the steps to help me. He was shocked at how light it was & said wow, this is really a nice scooter & so easy to lift! We toured the hotel & paid for a VERY expensive lunch buffet but I knew Mike wanted to do it & it was a way of experiencing the Grand without paying about $600 a nite to stay there.

We did not take it with us on the tour train in Canada as the lady said it was questionable whether we would be able to use it on the trails to the 4 water falls; we stayed in the picnic area. She told us where to park our CRV so when the train pulled up, the handicap car was literally right next to our vehicle for boarding & the same on our return.

When Mike retired from the police depart 6yrs ago we were going to travel to all these places we had never been to. Before the cancer & everything else the past 3 yrs, we made it to Niagara Falls, Elvis' Graceland, & the Titanic Museum in Branson, Mo. along with a return trip to Epcot before our last cruise. If we can keep Mike just half way stable we may be able to get in more trips. Trips that would never be possible without the travelscoot.

Then a following post:

By the way, the steep incline on the ferry was perhaps 20 ft or so, not a great distance but VERY steep & it worked great. I did go to the 1 site you listed & read some of the reviews. I'm not sure what the negative reviewers want from a small scooter. We do not use it as a work horse, we do not expect it to go thru snow, grass, etc. In the winter we drive up to the door of the mall & I carry the scooter to the door & park the car while Mike gets situated. For us it is a light weight scooter that gets Mike from point A to point B and has given us our life back. Last Xmas we shopped for Xmas presents together for the 1st time in 3yrs. We can now do things together and for that I give the Travelscoot an A+. I also don't understand why people say they can't get help when they have problems; we have had NO problems but Mike did call with some questions & talked to the man & had all of his questions answered. If people want some kind of heavy duty work horse then they should purchase a big heavy scooter. So that is my testimonial about the TravelScoot & share our story as you wish.

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  1. I love hearing about how the TravelScoot has changed someone's life, it certainly has changed mine. You certainly have the right idea about it being a lightweight option to get from point A to point B. It will never do what some of the larger scooters do, but they can't do what the TS can do either and transportation is so much easier with the TS. There has never been a day that I've regretted my purchase.