Friday, October 29, 2010

Carrying Two Batteries on a Junior TravelScoot

From Ramblin Granny Nancy

How I carry two 24 volts, 9.6 Ah LiO batteries on the Junior size Travelscoot.

First photo: On my Junior size Scoot, there are L shaped, aluminum, velcro covered "shelf" pieces, just behind the engaged battery. They help secure the engaged battery from the back but also provide the shelf for the extra battery.

Shown in this picture and the next one, is a 22 1/2 piece of velcro sold at Lowe's for holding holding water hoses. You can also make your own that size, or longer, out of velcro One Wrap also sold at Lowe's and other places in 8 foot lengths that you just cut to the size you want.

Second photo: Both the engaged and the extra battery shown in place and secured by two, 22 1/2 to 23 inches, of velcro as described above. I often just use one piece of velcro since the battery is quite stable, if I will not be encountering a lot of bumps.

I don't know for certain, but I think the L pieces could be turned around the other way so one larger LiO battery (18 Ah, 24 volt) could be used.

Get Out There

Hi Elizabeth,

My Travelscoot, hubby and I are back from another GREAT cruise. This time we sailed on the Radiance of the Seas, 2 cruises back-to-back for a total of 9 days to Mexico. The Travelscoot once again was a God send getting me through the airports, around the ship and especially in the ports as the piers are too long for me to walk. I wanted to share a few pictures with you and your readers.

In the evenings hubby and I would take a "stroll" around the promenade, a joy that I had given up on when my mobility first started to deteriorate and before I had the Scoot. There was a beautiful full moon this evening.

In Cozumel we were able to load the Scoot in the back of a taxi mini-van without folding it up for the drive downtown so we could visit our favorite store, Los Cinco Soles. We shopped, had lunch and margaritas at Pancho's Backyard then shopped some more! Something I would not have been able to do without my Scoot. The sidewalks of Cozumel were "Scoot" friendly.

I am so grateful that the Travelscoot has given me the freedom to "Get Out There" as the Royal Caribbean slogan advises.


Accident in Paris or You Can't Jump Some Curbs

From Dean, who is traveling in Paris:

Coming up the street Rue de Miro Misnel I could see that the repairs on the sidewalks were going to make it difficult to go up the street so I decided to take to the street and go around the construction. I thought that the curb was small but when I aimed the TravelScoot at it, I learned that there was a hole and I went straight into the concrete at 6 mph. The TravelScoot stopped abruptly and the rear of the scooter went 2 or 3 feet in the air but didn't throw me off. I got off of the TravelScoot and saw I had bent the front wheel sideways. My friend towed it back to the hotel and I was forced to walk three blocks. I got back and the night clerk reassured me that the janitor could fix it. They indeed got it to where I could still use it. i will have to order a new 'fork' for the front wheel but it goes to show how strong the TravelScoot is.

Bottom line: Be careful on what you try to jump.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Buying a TravelScoot in Australia

This is an email I received from Chris. I've been corresponding with her about a TravelScoot for her husband, and she wrote this to let me know how things have worked out for them...

Elizabeth, I am so excited! Dianne Niblett, the Australian distributor for Travelscoot has come to Perth for the weekend, and she phoned me this afternoon and arranged to demonstrate the Travelscoot.

So we saw it this afternoon, and just had a little short ride, then I said to my husband that we had better go home and think about it (I was buying it for him for our golden wedding anniversary present) and he said there was no need to "just buy it". So a little taken aback I said OK and said to Dianne that I wanted to order one, at which he chipped in with "No, two of them! There is no point in me being more mobile than you!"

I immediately thought of you, and your advice that we should both get them. We are going to set them up both the same then it doesn't matter which one we hop on. We are getting the model with the Li-ion battery and the bigger seat, with rings to lift it, and I will get the modified footrest at a later date if I find I need them.

I walk better than Rob, but found it much harder to get on the scoot - since I got my replacement hips I have trouble lifting my feet high (sort of lost the spring I guess) so had to take the canvas caddy off and put one foot in, bring the second foot close up to the frame, then put the first foot out the far side. It was also easier when I used the swivel on the seat. I am sure once I have it home I will work out my own way to cope with it.

They are being dispatched next Monday, and hopefully we will have them by the end of the week, then there will be no holding us back!

Thank you so much for all your help, I have really appreciated it.

Rgds, Chris

If you'd like more information about TravelScoot in Australia, visit their website, at:

Paris by TravelScoot

Perchance my wife Yoly and I are in Paris this week. We used the G7 taxi service which has a ramp but you really don't need to as you can find vans with storage for your scooter in the back. We went from our hotel to our favorite Paris neighborhood Rue du Cler today, Yoly walking and me scooting. It is 2 or 3 miles and all went well. Yesterday I did overheat my motor going up the Champs Elyses towards the Arch de Triumphe but as instructed just waited a while and scooted it forward to reset it. Paris is a very good city for handicaps as buses, taxis and all street corners are friendly. You can't ride the Red Bus tourist thing with a normal scooter but can with TravelScoot.

I came with 2 batteries and consumed only 1 with my trip today. I am going to be at SIAL, the world's largest food show and my guess this will use my 2 batteries. We'll see. I love the lithium batteries and didn't have trouble at the airline with them.

Interestingly, I have seen only 1 scooter on the street and not a TravelScoot. It is sort of cold.

Dean Hughson
Paris 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scooter Races in the Midwest

From Carole:

We were having scooter races with my two young grand-nephews in the midwest. Great vacation, love my scooter!!! It's awesome for the airports.

Friday, October 15, 2010

TravelScooting in Las Vegas, England and Paris

From Darlene:

I'm planning a trip to Vegas in Nov. and a trip to England and Paris next year-- does anyone have scoot experience in these places?

Please post a comment if you have advice or information for Darlene.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping tips from the Bag Lady

I use my TravelScoot for all my shopping. I carry three canvas shopping bags every week when I grocery shop along with my TrollyBasket . All three of the bags are hung off the front of my scoot. I have at least 30 pounds hanging from the front of my scoot at the end of my grocery run. I didn't want that much weight pushing down on the steering upright of the scoot, so I fixed up my cane with hooks in a way that works really well for me.

By using my cane attached to the scoot with a cat collar. I am able to hang all three tote bags from the cane by using
the Think-King Buggy Hooks and some No-Slip Grip-Clips. Using the latching hook in the back and the buggy hook in the front of the tip of my cane I can attach my largest tote (using my purse for this demonstration) and it helps hold the tote open, yet secure.





I then can hang a smaller tote off each side of the cane using one hook each.

I am impressed that the scoot can carry me, 3 full totes and pull a full TrollyBasket. I don't know what I would do without it.

As a bonus you can fold and unfold the scoot leaving the cane attached.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Junior TravelScoot Comments

This is a close-up of Nancy on her Junior TravelScoot.  Nancy is 5'2".

I bought the Junior TravelScoot and I love it. I am 5'2" and it fits me very well. The regular caused me to feel strained in my arms and legs because of the stretch. The only con is the battery sets differently so I can't see how to use two of them.


I am only 4' 11" (and shrinking LOL) and I had a hard time trying to decide should I get the Jr or the full sized. I did get the full sized and I fit on it just fine.


When I went on my cruise I got one of the regular rooms, but as Vroom is a junior size, she rolled right in without any problems.


Nancy's Junior TravelScoot


My TravelScoot is a junior. I am 5'2" and was about 165 when this picture was made in Key West, FL. Have a better picture at me at the "most southern point", but the scoot is not in the picture. At Kroger the other day, I talked to a lady from Durham, NC who met you at the convention [in San Francisco] and rode your TravelScoot. Forgot to ask her name. Anyhow, I think if one is flexible and under 5'2" the Junior would work. Had a very tall lady and a very tall man take a ride on my junior size while they were thinking about getting one. They used it fine, but I suggested for their height they should buy the Standard Size. I know the tall man did (and he is very pleased with it) but not certain the lady ever did. She was on by pass oxygen and put her oxygen concentrator in the basket as she rode around the parking lot. I am losing my flexibility but so far still scooting for work and shopping. When I loose all function in my legs, I'll have to give mine up. Will likely try to sell it on Craig's list when that happens.


aka Ramblin Granny