Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nancy's Junior TravelScoot


My TravelScoot is a junior. I am 5'2" and was about 165 when this picture was made in Key West, FL. Have a better picture at me at the "most southern point", but the scoot is not in the picture. At Kroger the other day, I talked to a lady from Durham, NC who met you at the convention [in San Francisco] and rode your TravelScoot. Forgot to ask her name. Anyhow, I think if one is flexible and under 5'2" the Junior would work. Had a very tall lady and a very tall man take a ride on my junior size while they were thinking about getting one. They used it fine, but I suggested for their height they should buy the Standard Size. I know the tall man did (and he is very pleased with it) but not certain the lady ever did. She was on by pass oxygen and put her oxygen concentrator in the basket as she rode around the parking lot. I am losing my flexibility but so far still scooting for work and shopping. When I loose all function in my legs, I'll have to give mine up. Will likely try to sell it on Craig's list when that happens.


aka Ramblin Granny


  1. What a great picture! And it's such a small world. Hard to believe you were in a Kroger and met someone who rode my TravelScoot in San Francisco.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and picture Nancy. Now that I've seen the Jr with someone on it I have a better idea on the size and I believe I made the right choice for me by getting the full size scoot even though I am only 4-11