Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Buying a TravelScoot in Australia

This is an email I received from Chris. I've been corresponding with her about a TravelScoot for her husband, and she wrote this to let me know how things have worked out for them...

Elizabeth, I am so excited! Dianne Niblett, the Australian distributor for Travelscoot has come to Perth for the weekend, and she phoned me this afternoon and arranged to demonstrate the Travelscoot.

So we saw it this afternoon, and just had a little short ride, then I said to my husband that we had better go home and think about it (I was buying it for him for our golden wedding anniversary present) and he said there was no need to "just buy it". So a little taken aback I said OK and said to Dianne that I wanted to order one, at which he chipped in with "No, two of them! There is no point in me being more mobile than you!"

I immediately thought of you, and your advice that we should both get them. We are going to set them up both the same then it doesn't matter which one we hop on. We are getting the model with the Li-ion battery and the bigger seat, with rings to lift it, and I will get the modified footrest at a later date if I find I need them.

I walk better than Rob, but found it much harder to get on the scoot - since I got my replacement hips I have trouble lifting my feet high (sort of lost the spring I guess) so had to take the canvas caddy off and put one foot in, bring the second foot close up to the frame, then put the first foot out the far side. It was also easier when I used the swivel on the seat. I am sure once I have it home I will work out my own way to cope with it.

They are being dispatched next Monday, and hopefully we will have them by the end of the week, then there will be no holding us back!

Thank you so much for all your help, I have really appreciated it.

Rgds, Chris

If you'd like more information about TravelScoot in Australia, visit their website, at:

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