Friday, October 29, 2010

Accident in Paris or You Can't Jump Some Curbs

From Dean, who is traveling in Paris:

Coming up the street Rue de Miro Misnel I could see that the repairs on the sidewalks were going to make it difficult to go up the street so I decided to take to the street and go around the construction. I thought that the curb was small but when I aimed the TravelScoot at it, I learned that there was a hole and I went straight into the concrete at 6 mph. The TravelScoot stopped abruptly and the rear of the scooter went 2 or 3 feet in the air but didn't throw me off. I got off of the TravelScoot and saw I had bent the front wheel sideways. My friend towed it back to the hotel and I was forced to walk three blocks. I got back and the night clerk reassured me that the janitor could fix it. They indeed got it to where I could still use it. i will have to order a new 'fork' for the front wheel but it goes to show how strong the TravelScoot is.

Bottom line: Be careful on what you try to jump.


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  1. Dean,
    I did the same thing in Athens Greece. The Hotel engineer was able to straighten it so I could continue my journey.
    I welded gussets on the outside of the old wheel to reinforce it. When I got the new front wheel I welded gussets on the inside, so they look better.