Monday, May 20, 2013

Broken Brake Cable

When I get on my scooter I squeeze the brakes to keep the scooter still while I swing my leg over the seat. A couple weeks ago while doing this I heard a weird noise and my brake handle went limp. I got off the scooter and squeezed the right brake and noticed the little bar that gets pressed against the back wheel when applying the brakes wasn't moving. The brake cable had broken. I saw a spring and 2 round washers on the floor and this little small barrel looking thing with a piece of my brake cable attached to it:

I called TravelScoot and talked to Bonnie, unfortunately they were out of brake cables. Fortunately my son was visiting that weekend so I waited for him to take a look at it. My son went to a bike shop and picked up a new cable and housing (the housing is the black covering for the cable) for like $8. It was kind of tricky to get the new cable on because you have to thread it through the frame of the TravelScoot. It took about 30 min and my brake was back in business.

If your brake cable breaks I recommend looking for the parts that fall off when this happens, you can reuse them: one spring, two washers and the barrel looking thing above. I recommend taking a look at the brake assembly by the back tire and note how the spring and washers and barrel thing fit while it is not broken so you know what the parts look like if your cable breaks.