Thursday, March 27, 2014

TravelScoot Folding Basket Installation Instructions

TravelScoot Folding Basket Installation Instructions

Unfold the basket and hook the little bungee cord with one end on one center bottom of the folding side panels, pull it underneath the bottom and hook the other end to the other folding panel.  This will prevent possible loss of little items stored in the basket later on.

Remove the beige plastic bar from the channel slot on top of the foot rest arc (that bar is just a protection of the channel during shipping).  Rest the basket with the hinge facing toward the rear into the channel slot.

Open the reusable cable tie (already in the correct place around two bars) on the basket's rear upper middle section and tie it loose onto the steering column, so that the collar clamp can still rotate when steering.

Insert the two hitch pins into the channel on the inner side next to the vertical basket bars.

You can also attach the basket to the rear.

Hook the little bungee cord to the side panels in the same way as described above.

Rest the basket with its forward edge on top of the battery* and tie it with just one cable tie onto the yoke just underneath the lever clamp.

Do not load more than 15 pounds into the basket.

* With the basket mounted on the rear you cannot stack a second SLA battery on top of main battery.  Only two Li-Ion batteries stacked on top of each other will still accept the Basket.

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  1. I put one of these baskets on the back of my Scoot but soon removed it. It was hard to put things in it because the seat blocks the access to it. And it was hard to remove and reinstall the batteries because the basket was in the way. I have a Peterboro basket on the front but am thinking about removing it and putting this folding basket on the front to facilitate storing my Scoot.