Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TravelScoot at the Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

In March or this year, I found myself at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, a very large and imposing facility.  Fortunately for me, I had my Travel Scoot with me, so we were able to get around the facility quite quickly, and quite well.  What a blessing that was.  Many of the people there were being transported in wheel chairs.  Being such a large facility, getting around was very tiring for both the patient and the caregiver wheeling them around, and there were very many of these folks here.

Not all of the tests and procedures were in the same place.  Mayo Building for one, this building for another, take a break in the cafeteria and wait for your next appointment, then back again to the Mayo Building, unbelievable!  I was there for 12 days and pretty much that is what happened every day.  It was tiring for me and my wife; I can only imagine how it was for the other folks.  If I would have had an odometer, I would guess I would have put on maybe 20 miles over that period of time.

As it was, I was maneuvering around the facility like you wouldn’t believe.  My wife kept telling me to slow down, you’re going too fast.  We went from our hotel to the clinic and in our in between times, we wandered around this humongous “city within a city”, walking subways meandering throughout, then on the skyways connecting all the buildings, this whole concept is very impressive.  More than a few people stopped to ask me about my TS; showed them by picking it up how lite it was, and how it open and folded so easily.

My Doctor, the Nurse Practitioner and a few of the technicians were all amazed at the size and scope of TS. Once, while I was receiving a treatment, one of the technicians asked me if he could try it out and I said sure, just be back here before my treatment is finished.

All in all, my TS was a life and wife saver.  It made it easier for me, but more importantly, for my wife, who without TS, would have been pushing me around those 20 or so miles, either that or we would have to stay grounded instead of wandering around.

I am so glad I found Tony, Bonnie and my Travel Scoot.  They have all made my life much easier to get thru. And special thanks to Hardy for inventing Travel Scoot.


Tony Kanzia

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