Monday, March 17, 2014

A Temporary TravelScooter

You've seen lots of pictures of Rhonda on this blog over the last few years. She's had quite a few scooter adventures, as you can tell from the pictures below.

You might have thought she was all out of new ideas, but recently her husband (normally her scooter wrangler) became an occasional scooter rider while he recovered from major surgery. Here they are on a recent shopping trip to SAMs Club. Dave is trying not to crush the chips.

In this picture, if you look closely you'll see a cluster of TravelScoots. That's me, Dave, and Rhonda at a restaurant not far from my house. Isn't it amazing how little space we were able to park them in? See if you can find all 3 scoots in the picture.

And finally, this is how they normally "scoot" together. This picture is certainly worth a thousand words.


  1. Elizabeth have a request to put out to our handy dandy technical folks. Would love to watch a video on You Tube on how to change a belt on our Travelscoot. I know we have directions here which is wonderful. Some of us are better visual learners. I for one would love to see maintenance video for our little trooper. Some of them are getting on in age. Just left Chelalis today and had a wonderful afternoon with Tony as he gave my little scoot a tune up. I'm so spoiled to live close. He showed me how to change the belt but somehow something distracted me when he put it back on and the end lol! I think others here would like that also. Took a wonderful picture of Tony in his workshop that I would love to share with you folks. Fun to see him in his workplace which I call my Santa Workplace. My little scoot is one of the older one. I've had her several years now. My little scoot I call her doesn't go in reverse, doesn't have a horn, has to have her belt replace occasionally. Found myself a little jealous but when she stood next to one of the new ones I must say she was looking good. For all the downpours and mud puddles (hey I live in Oregon need I say more) I've put her through she shined as well as any of them. You'll see her if I can figure out how to get that picture to you, I can't figure it out guess I need a lesson on that also. Best Wishes to all my fellow Travelscoot companions.

  2. Shirley, would you please email me at I'd like to turn your comment into a blog post, and I'd love to have any pictures that go with it. Thanks!