Monday, March 17, 2014

My first visit was to Walmart...

This post is from Cat.  When she contacted me to show her my scooter, she didn't know she was going to get me AND Rhonda for a couple of hours, telling her everything we had experienced and learned about scooting.  What can I say?  She was like a sponge with the information and Rhonda and I just couldn't quit talking!  

A scoot loaded into the back of a Juke
I would say that my biggest challenge was that I was not emotionally prepared to go out scooting.  When I got into Walmart, I got so many stares and people approaching me about the TravelScoot that it became more than what I was ready for.   I know, I know…. Both you and Rhonda warned me, but I still wasn’t prepared.

A lot of people just stared because they had never seen anything like the TravelsScoot.  It was a little weird, as I was not used to all the attention.  Some  people asked about the TravelScoot and I gave them a business card.  I was completely unprepared for people that felt like they could ask me ANYTHING; like what was my personal situation.  Luckily since the TravelScoot is so AWESOME, I was able to just “speed away” when I wanted the conversation to end.

The TravelScoot performed as promised and I was not disappointed. It held all my groceries, it maneuvered through tight spaces and made going from one side of the store to another very easy.  I waited until I got to the bread aisle before I tried the tight circle turn around you showed me.  In preparing for the worse I figured the bread aisle was the safest as it could sustain a fall off the shelf and also double as cushion if I completely botched it.  HA… complete turnaround with no issues and not a single loaf of bread even touched.

When I got to my car, I had quite a few blonde moments…..which do you load first groceries or scooter?  If you load the groceries first you have to make sure that they are not in the way of loading the scooter.  If you load the scooter first, what the heck do you do with the groceries while loading the scooter.  Btw, when you set Walmart bags on the ground, the groceries try to escape.  At any rate, overall the trip was a success.

I will be heading to Disney on Saturday.  I am both excited and nervous.  It will be my first airport experience and the real test for me being on the TravelScoot for a first week.  My only concerns are more about how I handle the attention and being patient as I am sure things will take longer.  (I’m not known for my patience).

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