Monday, October 13, 2014

A Scooter Adventure in 70,000 Square Feet

Last week Rhonda and I went to a local event called Hollydays -- 70,000 square feet of holiday shopping.  We never could have done this without our scoots.  We didn't have to worry with getting a close parking space, or the distance from the box office to the event.  We spent several hours happily browsing and visiting.  The whole facility (including restrooms and a small elevator) were easy to navigate.

Rhonda is using a TravelScoot she's had (and used almost daily) for over 5 years.  It's still in great shape.  Mine is the newest model, which I am coming to appreciate more and more.  It's nice to have a reverse (especially for the elevator), the motor is inside the back wheel, and there's no belt.  The brakes work great too. The bag on my handlebars holds my portable oxygen tank.  (Yes, vanity made me take the cannula off for the picture.)

While we were there Rhonda ran into a friend of ours who also has a TravelScoot she's had for over 5 years that is still going strong.  We all owe this day of fun to our scoots and our good friends.  I hope you all are having TravelScoot adventures too!