Friday, March 21, 2014

Traveling with the TravelScoot in Taxis

These tips are from world traveler and TravelScoot fan Dean Hughson:

I have learned that it is best to remove the battery when you are having your TravelScoot put in the trunk of the taxi.  In Japan for some reason the taxi drivers keep dropping and ruining batteries.  If you are lucky enough to find a Toyota Prius taxi, the scoot fits perfectly in the trunk with only the steering column dropped down; you don't have to take off the seat.  In many cities I have gone to, there are vans which are the best way to transport the TravelScoot and yourself.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, have you encountered any problems with travelscoot on subways/trains in Japan? I read from Japan Accessibility Tourism Center website, that scooter-type electric wheelchair may face problems because trains officials may not allow such scooter-type into the subway/train carriage. Many thanks for your comments, as I plan to travel to Japan.