Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wire Basket Installation Instructions

Wire Basket Installation Instructions

By Granny Nancy

The cream colored channel protector that comes on the scoot, partially slid out. If you look closely, you can see the small holes where the cotter pins go. I save this protector and put it back in when I fly, to protect the channel.

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Place the back panel of the wire basket in the channel and center it. At this point, it is easier to velcro the back panel of the basket to the steering column before inserting the cotter pins.

Pushing the cotter pins in. Line up the flat part of the cotter pin with the holes and push the cotter pin thru. I could use something like thumb thimble since this kind of hurts my thumb. I have tried needle nose pliers but hard to keep the cotter pin lined up using these. I do use the needle nose pliers
to remove the cotter pins when taking the basket off.

My red nylon cord with cord lock. The little red bungie goes diagnally across the underneath the bottom wire, one hook in one side panel and the other hook in the non-opposite side panel on the other side.

My work laptop in the basket. The wire basket carries about 20 pounds and does not interfere with steering as a heavily loaded handlebar basket might. If you remove the bungie, and fold up the bottom, the basket also folds flat without  removing the basket. However, I usually remove it and reinstall it about once a week since it fits in the backseat of my friends sedan better without the basket and without the back rest.


  1. We just got our scooter and did not know where the cotter pens went, so we have not used the basket yet.
    How do you change the speed controller to the left hand.
    We are loving it and just need to change the speed controler to theleft hand,
    also, where did you get your cup holders at.
    Scooter girl

  2. I did not ever try leaving my basket on and folding it up. I am going to have to try that, thanks for the info.

    Scooter girl I got my cup holder and buggy hooks at http://www.think-king.com/ They rule :)