Friday, August 27, 2010

Pretty Lady on a Tricycle

From Rhonda:

Last night at Target we were waiting in line to check out and there was a little girl who kept checking me out. Then out of the blue she declared, "MiMi, that pretty lady has a tricycle almost like mine." Of course the grandmother quickly told her that it wasn't polite to talk about people but this child was determined. After a couple of minutes she couldn't stand the silence and came close to me so she could tell me all about how we have tricycles that are alike. Boy was she excited when I rang the bell and she had one like it. When her MiMi called her to go, she said that she wished I would come to her MiMi's house and ride with her.


  1. Little kids at the store are the best. They all seem to love the scoot.

  2. Cynth, this little girl was so animated when she talked about how our "tricycles" were alike. I would have loved to be able to ride with her.

  3. Hi, I have just ordered my first Travelscoot from Germany. I have been looking for something that my friend and I can put in her car boot, plus something light to put on aircraft for holidays. I have great hopes for this little scooter. I think your streets in America are lot better than England, we can get up a slight ramp to get onto the pavement but when you get to the end, there is no ramp. So on that thought, I could stand and lift it down. Brilliant.
    Anybody got any tips for me on how to get into assembling and disassembling it??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.