Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scooter Maintenance: Lubricating the on/off switch

Here we have another episode of Alan and Dave doing scooter maintenance, this time with Mark's help. Rhonda was having a problem with her scoot where she had to jiggle the power switch to get it to come on. Alan and Dave decided to take a look at it and see if it was something they could fix, or if a part needed to be replaced.

These are my notes. If I've used the wrong words or am not explaining it clearly, I hope someone with more experience will add clarifying comments.

There are 3 screws that hold the cover on the throttle board. The cover is where you see the green, yellow, or red battery lights. First, they used an Allen wrench with a hex key head to loosen the screws on the hand brakes to rotate them out of the way so they could get access to the Phillip’s head screws on the underside of the control box. This allows the cover to be removed.

The on/off switch is soldered onto wires coming from the control board. Alan sprayed LPS Contact Cleaner on the switch, and then worked it back and forth for it to dry. After that he sprayed LPS2 Lubricant on it and worked it back and forth again. They reassembled everything and it's been working perfectly for almost 2 weeks.

The pictures tell the story of what happens when you drop a small screw on a wood floor. First you get the two adult men looking for it, and when they can't find it you call in Mark, who is eleven and very helpful.


  1. My scoot can really boogity boogity now.

  2. I'm glad it just needed a cleaning. Those screws in the cover are so tiny, very hard to find if you drop one.