Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Adventures of the Little TravelScoot that could!

More Adventures of...

"The Little TravelScoot that could!"

By Glen Glancy

We just returned Saturday from our latest trip. This time we booked a river cruise and Passion Play on Viking River Cruises. We tried to book on Uniworld, but they do not take scooters!

We started in Munich, we went to the Linderhof castle.

The bus drivers were fascinated with this little scoot.
Starting at the bottom of a 500 foot scooter climb!

Don’t try this one in a stock scooter.
Looking down from the Castle!
The Platz in Munich

Neuschwanstein castle


  1. we took a viking river cruise a few years ago on the danube. that was before the scooters when we were walking better but we loved it! wonderful cruise.

    smiles, bee

  2. I am taking my TravelScoot to Prague Czech. next month. It doesn't have the 'modifications' but still works well. I've taken it around the world now 3 times this year. This is its first trip to Prague though. Curious how it will do on the cobblestone of Old Towne. Dean

  3. This was very pertinent, because we've just booked a December Danube cruise with Vantage, starting in Budapest and ending in Passau/Munich, and I'm thinking about buying a TravelScoot for my husband. It was good to see TravelScoot go into the bus and up the hill to the castle!

  4. Great pictures! You said "Starting at the bottom of a 500 foot scooter climb! Don’t try this one in a stock scooter." What did you mean by stock scooter - I'm assuming you made it up the hill. I'm interested because it looks like my street!

  5. Well largely based on the great pictures here, I bought a TravelScoot! I really love it and took it out for it's first "real" ride yesterday - it's remarkable. I have 2 cars, and SUV and a little roadster. Looking at Herr Huber's pictures, I imagined that if I took the scoot I'd have to take the SUV. Not so! It fits in the trunk of the roadster with room to spare! Only when I folded it down did I realize just how brilliant this design is - hats off to Herr Huber!

    How does one attach pictures to this site?

    1. Hi Harry, and welcome! I'm so glad you are finding my blog helpful. I've met so many great people through it. If you have a picture you'd like to post please email it to me, Happy scooting!