Friday, October 29, 2010

Carrying Two Batteries on a Junior TravelScoot

From Ramblin Granny Nancy

How I carry two 24 volts, 9.6 Ah LiO batteries on the Junior size Travelscoot.

First photo: On my Junior size Scoot, there are L shaped, aluminum, velcro covered "shelf" pieces, just behind the engaged battery. They help secure the engaged battery from the back but also provide the shelf for the extra battery.

Shown in this picture and the next one, is a 22 1/2 piece of velcro sold at Lowe's for holding holding water hoses. You can also make your own that size, or longer, out of velcro One Wrap also sold at Lowe's and other places in 8 foot lengths that you just cut to the size you want.

Second photo: Both the engaged and the extra battery shown in place and secured by two, 22 1/2 to 23 inches, of velcro as described above. I often just use one piece of velcro since the battery is quite stable, if I will not be encountering a lot of bumps.

I don't know for certain, but I think the L pieces could be turned around the other way so one larger LiO battery (18 Ah, 24 volt) could be used.

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  1. I had no idea the batteries on the jr size were sitting in a different position than the regular sized scoot. Good info! Thanks Nancy.