Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Folding the Scoot and the CrampBuster

Hello Anne (and Elizabeth),

I’ve got arthritis in my hands, knees, ankles, and feet, so I can relate.

About the folding pins – they aren’t really cotter pins (I’ve included a picture so you can see just what they look like). I have short hands (6 inches from heel of palm to tip if finger) so you can see just how big the pins are in real life. As long as they are lubricated and there is no stress on the joint (sometimes you have to actually put up on the joint a wee touch), they push in fairly well – no small thing to have to grab and then try to fit back into matching holes like with real cotter pins.

As for the throttle, I’ve taken to using a crampbuster. I’ve included a picture of the one on Vroom-Vroom and the website. They make two different sizes; I like the long skinny one best as it give more room on the handle for grabbing.

If you are having trouble getting a TravelScoot in person, you could also try renting one for a few days. This site sounds like a good one:

By the way, you may find that you don’t have to fold the TS at all. My friend was taking me back to the garage to pick up my Ravi and I couldn’t get the pin in to fold it – remember what I said about lubricating the pin? Anyway, he ended up just picking it up, turning it on its side and putting it in the trunk of his Honda Civic.



  1. Your post has been so helpful and I hope more people will share I just got my travlescooter for my husband we had to put the speed control on the left side because when I ordered it I had it put on the right. Never thought right or left well he cut the cord and just moved the handle. I need to put a cord back on with out wrecking something inside.
    keep the help coming!

  2. I'm glad you found the post helpful. Your best bet for getting help with the cord problem would be to contact Tony at TravelScoot. His phone number is on the TravelScoot website, at http://www.TravelScoot.com.

    Congratulations on your hubby's new TravelScoot. We hope you'll continue to read and we look forward to hearing about your adventures with the scoot!