Thursday, September 23, 2010

TravelScooting through India

Readers, be sure to click on the picture and see it full size.  It's amazing!  -- Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth!

I have been reading your blog for over a year. I found you through the Cruise Critic message boards. I got my own TravelScoot on Dec 4, 2009. It was a great feeling to have my freedom back after having mobility issues for almost two years.

I spent most of August in India. It was my first experience dealing with the Scoot and American Airlines. Other than a surly staff at the gate in Chicago, I was extremely impressed at how I was treated and how the Scoot was handled. In three out of four "legs" of the trip, my Scoot was checked at the gate and I rode it up to the plane or had to leave it at the beginning of the ramp and walked it. Then it would be waiting for me as soon as I left the plane. Chicago to Delhi - they made me break it down completely and tagged it to be checked luggage. Of course, once I got to Delhi, no one had a clue where the poor Scoot might be. It was finally found and all was well.

I traveled to India to have bilateral Total Knee Replacement surgery. I didn't use the Scoot much until I left the hospital. My niece and I took a day trip to see the Taj Mahal right before we came home. Even though I was walking with a walker and had quite a bit of physical therapy, there was NO WAY I could have done a tour or even made it close to the Taj Mahal without my TravelScoot. Security was not thrilled about letting me into the area on a scooter, but I refused to get up! They had a wheelchair nearby, but I explained to them that I had the Scoot so no one would have to push me around. I think I got more stares that day than I ever have. Thankfully, there were plenty of ramps, and I got some great pictures. I did not go inside to the mosque because of the 15 or so steps.

Leaving Delhi was interesting. Me and the TravelScoot went through security three times to get to my gate. I had to break down the Scoot each time so it could be sent through the xray machine, just like carry on luggage. Everyone was so surprised that the Scoot folded up so easily. My new knees came through with flying colors, enabling me to walk through the lines, but they also set off the metal detectors!

I will continue to use my TravelScoot in long distance trips, large box stores and maybe on cruises if the ship is really huge...

I have attached a picture of me and my TravelScoot and my niece Corrie at the Taj Mahal.

Kind Regards,

Linda R.

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