Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Melissa's TravelScoot has arrived!

Melissa's TravelScoot was delivered to her office by UPS around noon today and before she opened the box she got me on the phone so I could enjoy it with her. She took the TravelScoot out of the box, popped the front wheel on, unfolded it, then put on the seat. She was delighted to see that the triangle pouch has been redesigned so that there's a place to put the tools and a spare belt. (I'm a little jealous.)

Next she located the battery, which shipped in the same box with the TravelScoot. She decided on the 20-lb. SLA battery, so she could leave it in her car without it being affected by the heat. If you're reading this and don't have your TravelScoot yet, when you plug the battery in do NOT push the connector together until it clicks. It just needs to make contact. You can test it by turning the TravelScoot on, and when you've got a green light, stop. If you push it until it clicks, you may have difficulty getting it unplugged.

Right now her battery is charging, and I don't imagine it's going to be long before she takes off on her first adventurous solo ride. If anyone would like to suggest a name for her scoot, I'm sure she'd like that.

Do you remember your first ride? Mine was just a few feet across the dining room floor. I was so tentative with the whole thing that I could hardly get the TravelScoot to move. I was convinced it wouldn't go on the floors in my house, so Alan carried it out to the street in front of our house and I tried it out there. The feeling of the wind in my hair was just incredible. I really felt like a kid on Christmas morning, riding that new bike for the first time.

My first experience in a store was at a Walgreens. Melissa was with me that night too. I was delighted with being able to stop and look at everything without hurting, but I was a little awkward with it at first. Now it's like an extension of my body. I can fit just about anywhere with it, and I can easily turn it on a dime.

What was your first ride like?



  1. The first ride on MY scoot....

    was today, down the hallway of my office, after I assembled it with Elizabeth listening. WOO HOO!

    Regarding what I should name the scoot. I don't really know... after all SS is already taken. ;)

    Hugs to all of my fellow Travelscooters!

  2. SS = SuperScoot!

    I'll bet your coworkers got a kick out of you riding it around the office. I'm looking forward to Saturday. Beep beep!

  3. My first ride was around the block in my neighborhood with Elizabeth riding alongside for security. That day seems like a long time ago but it was only 16 months ago.

  4. Around the block! And then to the office, at night, so I could speed without running anyone over. I did startle the cleaning crew though;-P

    Yesterday was my first DAY in the office and all of my coworkers were very impressed! My former team leader asked if she go for a ride up the row (and of course I let her). I'm not having any trouble getting down the narrow pathways by the windows or in and out of the bathrooms; only 1 area so far has been inaccessible because of the placement of large filing cabinets near a post, but there's another way to get to that area. I'm still not quite successful in getting Poppy in and out of my vehicle without assistance, but the office services folks have said that I can call for help, and one of my coworkers offered to come out to my car to fetch her in the morning. I did succeed in getting her out for the first time on my own yesterday. No such luck at the end of the day when I was worn out. Fortunately for me, a young, strong man emerged from the building and offered assistance. I have been in contact with a local mobility specialist to see what sort of relatively inexpensive lift could be installed behind my seat, and found out today from him that the only one 'legal' that they can do with that configuration is $4,000!! Something to do with safety and crash testing. Well, that is NOT going to happen, as my car isn't even worth that much, so I'm back to engineering plan C (or D, or E, or whatever it will take). For $4000, I could hire a kid to ride shotgun. I wo/uld like to stress, though, that my housemate, a 96 year-oldsight-impaired gentleman, has lifted Poppy in and out with no trouble, so please don't anyone be put off by my challenge.

  5. I am so jealous...you three can ride like the Three Musketeers! I wish I had a riding buddy! My first ride was around my house. I have wood floors so there was no concern but my first real ride was at the Mall...I hadn't done the mall from end to end in years and it was GREAT to finally do it. I've been using mine a lot at work lately as I've been needing to spend time between two buildings about 5 blocks apart. One of my co-workers just had knee surgery and he is threatening to "steel" it when I am not looking LOL.

  6. Rhonda, I enjoyed whizzing around your neighborhood that night as much as you did. It's a great place for joyriding.

    Katy, it's good to hear from another person using their scoot at work. I've had nothing but positive experiences at my office. I also look forward to hearing more about how you solve your lift problem. I know Rhonda's looking for something too.

    Denise, you're MORE than welcome to hop a plane to Baton Rouge and ride along with us on Saturday! It's good to hear about how you're using yours at work too. You guys are giving me ideas for blog posts!

  7. When I leave the office in the afternoon, I am very tired. Sometimes I have to take the battery off. It is only 4 pounds (small LiO) but that is just enough to allow me to use the front wheel as a fulcrum and lift the back end to my minivan behind the seat. I am not certain, because I have not tried it, but I think the empty scoot would roll up a 40 degree ramp made out of some very light weight material.

  8. Congrats Melissa! I'd like to see (so I can visually covet) the new triangle with the keeper for tools and a belt.