Friday, February 13, 2009

Electro Bicycle

If you buy a TravelScoot, you too can get a box delivered that says "Electro Bicycle" on the side of it. Doesn't that sound less medicinal than "Mobility Scooter"?

Tonight Melissa went with me to visit my mom at her nursing home, and we took my scoot in with us so I could show it to her. Mama was in bed and while we were talking (and laughing) and putting on lotion, Melissa was scooting up and down the halls of the home ringing the bell. Mama was laughing and saying "beep beep, beep beep!"

Melissa and I had loaded baked potatoes at TJ Ribs afterwards, and then took my scoot on a trial run to Walgreens. I only almost took out one person, and he shouldn't have darted out in front of me.

The scoot handled things well, even the two sidewalk ramps. I'm not sure that wearing a long dress was the best idea though, because I kept getting it caught on things. I think the belt may need to be tightened. Alan's going to look at it in the morning.

It's a good idea to heed the warning in the manual not to push the battery connector together too hard. Alan ended up using lubricant and a pair of plyers to get it loose. He is the one who connected it and he obviously doesn't know his own strength!

Lifting it in and out of the van fully assembled was so easy. Attaching the basket, however, requires reading the instructions and not waiting until you're standing in a dark parking lot to put it on. God bless Melissa for putting up with me. :-)

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