Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking it Down -- Part 2

Oh wait. That should read, "Breaking It Down Into TWO Parts!"

I ended up only needing to break my TravelScoot down into two parts for it to fit in my Camry's trunk, and there is oodles of room left. I was able to leave the seat attached to the u-shaped piece. That will be even simpler to reassemble.

I have the lightweight lithium ion battery. It only weighs 6 pounds. I'll carry that separately, because I don't want to leave it in the trunk. It's not supposed to be exposed to high heat, and living in Louisiana, that's just about all we have. I'll keep the battery in a padded bag and keep it in a cooler environment, like my office.

My understanding is that if I had the sealed lead acid battery (SLA), I could leave that battery in the trunk. It's a LOT heavier though, and doesn't carry as much of a charge.

Hardy Huber explains the batteries much better than I can. It's on his website, at

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