Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon*Con TravelScoot

Hello Elizabeth!

Just got back from Dragon*Con and thought I’d give you an update on the scooting. (Dragon*Con is one of the larger science fiction/fantasy convention and uses 5 hotels now for venues.)

First off, it was interesting that the web site for the con actually told people that if they have trouble walking far to rent a scooter or wheel chair.

The con has the rule that if you can’t walk far or go around corners easy, they will get your badge for you. I’ve been in the badge line many times and this is a good thing for those who don’t have their own seat with them or big bulky chairs. I know, I could have taken advantage of them getting my badge for me, but I really wanted to see if I could maneuver through the maze. I’m proud to say that the TS will scoot right along taking the U-turns with no problems.

The con people were really nice and helpful for those with mobility problems. There was only one time that I took advantage of their procedure of letting disabled persons in first – when I saw people letting others cut in line. I figured that if others could cut, so could I.

I did get to see one other TS in passing, but as we were going in different directions, we didn’t have a chance to chat.

Of course, everyone thought I had the coolest, cutest scooter there.
Fun things to keep in mind:

If you zoom up to a group who are in the way and shout, “TOES! COOL!” They tend to get the hint and move out of the way. If their back is to you, in a loud high pitched voice start going, “BEEP...BEEP…BEEP…BEEP….” Yes, most of them get the idea from this also. (The toes one is more fun – especially in elevators. Only one person ignored me. Yes, I got his toes.)

Once they get used to you, the hotel people give up on telling you to slow down. The crazy laughter as you go by may help.

Sky walks are fun! Especially the ones that are slanting down in the direction you are going. People usually hug the sides and you can zip by them going, “WHEEEEEEE!!!” Although it is also fun zipping around people as you go by on the up-hill as they struggle along. OK, so I was having too much fun going fast instead of being the poking one.

In a con like this, do not be afraid to show off. Zipping around people, doing donuts and figure 8’s to the music lets them know that you are not a stick the mud just because you need a little help getting around.

The one thing that is important, don’t forget the bling for the TS!

Scooting a long,



  1. SERIOUSLY way cool scooter!!!!!

    Glad to hear DragonCon is good on accessibility issues. One thing I have found with most SF cons I have been to, they are always willing to accommodate as much as possible.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you had a great time. I love the way your blinged out your scoot.

  3. Krystal that sounds like an awesome time. I love the scoot decor!

  4. I must have one of those seat coushions/cover!
    Tell me where!