Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tall TravelScooters

Thanks to everyone who responded!

From Kathleen, in San Jose, CA

I got my TravelScoot at the beginning of the year after following your blog for quite a few months. I am 6'1" and at the time I was a pear shaped 400 lbs. When I first got the TravelScoot, getting my legs and feet over the bottom of the frame was my first challenge with it. I had a great deal of difficulty getting on it because my knees seemed to get stuck getting to the correct side of the front column. I felt quite cramped on it and had my mechanical engineer husband looking for ways to modify it. He had an idea about an extension so that the feet bars were lower to the ground, but we never got that far. I was very unhappy and intended to send it back.

In brief, I got very very ill and did nothing about sending it back. About 2 months later I had lost about 40 lbs from my illness, most of it in my belly. Once I had gained some strength back I couldn't wait to try my TravelScoot again. Victory!! I fit perfectly. I had no difficulty getting on or off. My knees were comfortably bent. For the last 2 months I have taken my TravelScoot everywhere. It has given me such joy and freedom.

So to answer the question about whether tall people can fit comfortably on the TravelScoot, I believe that they can. I think that losing the weight in my belly which gave me more space between me and the front column was key. I no longer feel cramped at all on the scoot. I think each tall person will need to take their body shape into consideration. I wish all you tall folks out there the same comfort that I have on my TravelScoot!

From Glen Glancy:

I am 6’2” and wish the seat was higher, but I am fine.

By raising the seat, the center of gravity would be higher, which would not be good.

From Marlee:

There is a lady who posts under the name Katisdale on the Cruise Critic disabled forum. She has posted the following:

The seat height is adjustable on the Travelscoot. I am 6 ft 2 inches tall and cannot easily rise from a low seat. There are some sort of ring things (I am not mechanical) that go on the seat post that allow the seat to be higher. I do well with the additional seat height.

I am female but 6 feet 2 inches tall and unfortunately outweigh your husband (225+). I have a standard scooter that I use around my neighborhood. I purchased a travelscoot expressly for travel. I am amazed how well it works for me. Although it is small it has power and only weighs 35 pounds TOTAL. It collapses into a duffel bag which my DH can handle easily although we have also purchased a hard sided golf bag carrier which it fits in and that has wheels so he says that is even easier

Since I am so tall I was very pleased that the seat has inserts that can be used to raise it which is much better for me as I have trouble standing.

I hope this helps. Katisdale is very active on the forum and I'm sure would respond if asked questions directly.

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  1. I'm 6'1" and about 225 lbs. I'm also female, so my center of gravity is probably lower than a similar-sized male's would be.

    I'm using my travelscoot with the larger of the two ring-spacers on the seat-post, and while I do notice the center of gravity being higher, I'm not in the habit of taking sharp turns at high speed, so it's not a big problem for me.

    If I can ever FIND the smaller of the two spacers, I may actually try to stack them, because the seat is still a little hard to get off of when my knees are acting up.