Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TravelScoot in Australia

From Denis, in Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

We took my TravelScoot with us on a holiday around Australia and it performed very well.  We purchased a more robust (than the one it arrived in) and wheeled case for it and it survived the trip without any damage. We plastered fragile and scooter stickers over it. In total we had about 8 flights.  I obtained written approval for the LI Ion battery before I left and had no issues with taking the battery on board as hand luggage.  The approval was checked each flight.   The case itself caused some indecision due to its large size and fragility but , with patience , it eventually got the ok for all flights.  I would recommend you give yourself plenty of time to check in – at least  1.5 hours prior to departure.

Next time I think I will try the alternative “ride the scooter to the plane” strategy. I think it will result in less explaining and will also allow me to ride those long airport corridors without “hitching” a ride on a airport cart or slowly walking.

Overall the scooter was a tremendous asset. It allowed me to go for many long “walks” with my beloved and family. My 3 y-o grand-daughter just loved riding on my lap , especially when she worked out how to twist the accelerator!


  1. Do you know if the scooter needs to be folded down when you ride the scooter to the plane?

  2. If you ride your scooter up to the plane, do you have to fold it down?


    1. No, you don't have to fold it. They will store it where they store baby strollers.

  3. I have recently done two flights with my new TravelScoot. International, Melbourne to LA and Domestic, LA to Boston.

    Both times I rode to the door, took the battery off and lowered the handlebar then folded the handlebar and put the red cover over it.

    No other folding was needed and I was allowed to take the battery on board with me in a separate bag.
    On one of the flights I looked out my window as other passengers were boarding and saw my Scoot being loaded into cargo. They were taking good care of it!!!

    I did inform both Airlines that I would be travelling with the TravelScoot, and the LI battery and took paperwork with me.