Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Share your experiences with Frankie

I have been corresponding with Frankie in Chicago, who is a big guy thinking about purchasing a TravelScoot.  He actually told me I "made his year" so I suspect he's got his finger on the "order" button, but he's wanting your input too.  Do you think the TravelScoot will work for him?

Frankie wants to get his life back and go back out in the world, while also having a way to carry his oxygen. And as we say in Louisiana, the lagniappe (little something extra) is that the scooter is small enough and lightweight enough to fit in his car.

What words of wisdom do you have for him?


  1. Frankie, I have had a more "normal" scooter with the plastic fenders, etc., and the Travel Scoot. The travel Scoot cost a lot more, and I feel was worth it. I not only get compliments on it, it is easy to maneuver and has some power when I need it.

    I had to take the back off, because it pushes on my back more than just a place to lean, making me uncomfortable. That might be different with you. I'm fine without the back.

    The other thing I had to do was buy a "gel" cushion. The seat just wasn't comfortable, but with the gel cushion, it's great. That could just be me. We're all built different. But I'm glad to have that cushion, because I can use it for more than my Travel Scoot.

    On mine there was a little dinger bell, which was not worth bothering to put on in my opinion. I am currently looking for something better in a bell.

    The Travel scoot is very "cool" I'm told. People actually stop me and ask about it. It is quiet and smooth to ride. And hey, it is just fun. I feel free. In a way it's a transition for me to go from a "normal" scooter to the TravelScoot. I feel more confidence and just FREE FREE FREE! LOL I know that's in my mind, but hey, the mind is part of getting through things well.

    I like mine a lot now that I've sort of customized it a tiny bit (the back and seat and bell) and have no regrets about buying it. I couldn't be happier with it. It suits me.


    1. Janet, thank you so very much for your input...I did call to get one but they are out but in Sept 15th of 20th did will have them so I must wait till they have more...
      Again thank you so very much!

    2. Hi, Janet,

      Could you please say more about your gel cushion? Maybe even share a picture?
      The seat does become uncomfortable when riding all day (or over cobblestones -- ugh!).

      I also ride backless, and find that shifting my butt backwards or forward makes a long ride more comfortable.

      Would love to add cushioning, and or a "shock absorber", to my TS seat.

  2. Hi Frankie,
    I bought a Travelscoot earlier this year, after reading the stories on this site. I am a large woman and my mobility is impaired by arthritis. It took me a little while to get used to the Travelscoot, but now that I am comfortable with it, I appreciate how narrow my life had become before I had the scoot. I used to go to work and that was about it. Now my life is full of all sorts of adventures and I feel much happier as a result.
    Over the past few days I have been to two museums, a play and on two shopping trips, none of these would have been possible in my pre-scoot days. And I don't have to rely on my husband or anyone else, the scoot goes into the boot of my sports car, and I can manage it on my own.
    Hope this helps. Debs

    1. Thank you so very much for getting back with me...I did call the company but they are out till mid Sept. so I need to call and get it...!!!
      Again thank you so very much!

  3. Frankie,

    Have you any specific questions or concerns about the TS?

    I will share that having mine has made a world of difference for me, giving me independence, and making travel (air, cruise), shopping, museum-visiting, festival-attending, etc. etc. etc. possible when they were not before. Even visiting friends/family in the hospital. And can't forget, making it possible to see my awesome MD, whose parking lot is too far from her office for me to walk.

    For me, buying my TS was an easy and no-regrets decision.

    Hope this helps!

    AmpleHugs & SunflowerSmiles,

    1. Hey Anne, Thank you so very much for your help! I did call to order one but they are sold out but in Sept. 15th or 20th and I am so excited...
      At 1st I was thing I was to big for one but looking on this beautiful blog I think it will work out for me.
      Again thank you

  4. One of the coolest things is you don't need a special van or lift. You can ride with anyone. This also means you don't have to worry about finding a handicap parking spot as you only need to hobble to the end of your car and don't need the extra room to get the mobility device out and running. Word of warning: if you are used to pulling through so you can face out, some clown will always park on your back bumper.

    Just don't be surprised if you start inventing reasons to go somewhere to scoot.

  5. One of the coolest things is you don't need a special van or lift. You can ride with anyone. This also means you don't have to worry about finding a handicap parking spot as you only need to hobble to the end of your car and don't need the extra room to get the mobility device out and running. Word of warning: if you are used to pulling through so you can face out, some clown will always park on your back bumper.

    Just don't be surprized if you start inventing reasons to go somewhere to scoot.

    1. Thank you so very much for your e-mail...Yesterday I spoke with with Tony, and they are all out but in mid Sept. they will have them back.
      I am a heavy set guy and I was so scared I sit on it and break it!
      Now I feel like a small child and can't wait till I get it in late Sept. or Oct so I need to wait and be patient and soon the time will come!
      Again thank you...This sounds so good and I will be able to go out into the world and knowing I can put it in my car and go as I have not been to the stores and mall just like having wings...!!!

  6. My van is a camper. I put my Scoot in and away I go. At campgrounds I can get to all the activities using my Scoot. It gave me back my life.

    My advice is to buy two batteries and carry both of them so when one dies while you are out and about, you can just switch the plug to the other and keep right on scooting.

  7. Hi Linda, Thanks for telling me about getting on extra batteries very good idea...
    I need o hold on till mid Sept. and Tony, will have them back in stock and I can't wait but I will abel to go out into the world again.
    I pray I am not to be to large (weight) for my Scoot...Is it hard to put together when it arrives!

  8. That is exactly what I wanted and to my surprise got, My Life Back! I also need oxygen. I have a homefill and purchased two small tanks from Ebay. I put one (all I need in a grocery bag and throw it over my handle bars and away we go. I don't have any pictures to share but I can tell you my travelscoot has traveled to more places than a lot of people. I have taken it on commercial airlines and Amtrak with no problems whatsoever. The airline let me drive it to the airplane door and when the plane landed my travelscoot was at the airplanes door waiting for me. Amtrak was just as accommodating. I take it out on a regular basis on our local transit system and travel all over town (Portland, OR). It turns on a dime so it is a snap to get on and off the bus/rail/tram. I watch other people struggling with their bulky cooters and am so thankful for mine.

    I have traveled to Tijuana twice (rode it across the border both times), San Diego (zoo and Sea World), Disneyland, 2 cruises (one to Alaska), Victoria BC and San Francisco. I can go almost anywhere with my family. I'm not stuck in a motel room hoping they are having a good time, I'm out there with them enjoying! We travel to the Oregon Coast on a regular basis and I can NOT take it in the sand. It will NOT go on grass or gravel. If there is a way I haven't figured it out.

    I only have one battery and do just fine with it. Usually I can go all weekend with one charge. I am a small person, I don't know if that matters. I do think it is a good ides to have a spare. I can fold it down and put it in the backseat of my car. It is made out of airline steel so it is strong, solid but lite in weight. No reverse. The owner of the company told me when they designed the travelscoot they debated on a reverse but that would add another 5 lbs to the scooter. It is so simple to turn they decided not to add that extra weight and I am so glad.

    So as you can see, My travelscoot indeed, Gave Me My Life Back, good luck to Frankie and God Bless. Shirley from Portland, OR

  9. Thank you for all the info...I have friends in Aloha OR. and when I get my TS. I love to go and see them.
    When I spoke with Tony, he told me by mid Sept. he will have them back in stock so I pray time will go a little faster so I can go to the stores and just get out of the house.
    When I have a doctors appointments I have to go 1 1/2 hrs early and pray they find a volunteer to take me to the the east tower of the Hosp Medical Building, so I just sit and wait till they find someone and I do not have my oxygen as it's to heavy to carry around with me.
    I will have my freedom back just like having wings and I could go where I want...I will be free!
    Again thank you :-)
    PS. Do you think I need one or two battery as I don't go out that much and winter will be with us in Chicago, and I know after time all battery get very weak with time.

  10. Hi Frankie, I only got my TravelScoot about a month ago but already it has changed my life.

    Like you I also need oxygen and I put my oxygen concentrator in the fold up basket on the front of the Scoot.

    The basket is so handy I have just ordered another one for the back.

  11. Thanks for your info...I want so bad but I was told they will be bqck in stock in med Sept. and I can't wait...Did you find it hard to put it together???
    I am just so excited I feel like a child on Christmas time wanting to open my presents!
    Again thank you :-)

    1. You tube of lots of videos showing you how to do lots of things with your travelscoot including putting it together and breaking it down.