Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hi from a TravelScoot clown!


I enjoyed looking at your blog and thought your readers might find this fun.  I recently received my TravelScoot, just in time for a 4th of July parade in my city.  I had signed up for with a group of clowns.  I chose the TravelScoot over my big clunky scooter.  It looks like fun!  Outfitted with pinwheels and streamers, bells and honkers, and a beach umbrella, the TravelScoot fit right in with the clown brigade.  Nobody even guessed it was a mobility scooter.  Some kids told me I had "the best ride out there."  I think it's great not to feel disabled by mobility impairment, but "super"abled by a vehicle that people admire as something they would like to try.

-Gwynneth, aka Woopsy Daisy


  1. It's all about going where the fun is!

  2. Wonderful!!! And yes, you look very cool! I recently got a Travelscoot. I took it to the store last week and two older women told me how cool and fun that looked. And one little boy, maybe four years old, was pointing at me, all excited, calling out "motorcycle. motorcycle!" Then he said to his mother, "Why is that lady riding a motorcycle in the store?" I loved it!

    So glad you posted this picture. It's just wonderful. And yes, that's why I bought mind, for the mindset part. It doesn't look or feel like my old, bulkier mobility scooter. This one is fun!

  3. ha ha ha, you need one of those flowers that squirt water on people on your handlebars!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. That is excellent :) I am glad your travelscoot arrived in time for the parade!

  5. My kids have put pinwheels on my mobility scooters for years, LOL. My Travelscoot is used daily for work, in a college/retirement combo town. The seniors all want one too...but so do the students just to get around the campuses without worrying about parking!