Monday, August 13, 2012

Don't miss out!

I used to miss out on experiences like these because I couldn't walk long distances.  If you've just happened upon my blog because you need help with distances too, please do something about it.  Of course I love my TravelScoot and highly recommend it, but there are all sorts of mobility aids out there. 

Lone Cypress. Monterey to Carmel, CA, 17 Mile Drive
My best friend Melissa, fighting the wind, and thankful there's a guard rail in place!
Walking trail by our hotel, near the San Francisco airport

Me and Alan, taken on the 17 Mile Drive
My favorite jewelry lady
Big Sur!
 My husband (in blue), singing karaoke at the NAAFA Convention!


  1. don't miss out on a single thing ever if you can help it! life is for living!

    hugs, bee

  2. Loved the vacation pictures. on a day trip recently i brought a clamp on unbrella and wow, it was great on the handle bar.
    As long as I travelled slowly, I stayed in the shade, my shade.

  3. I vacation vicariously through you!

  4. I so wish I had my Travelscoot when we did our Mexican Riveria cruise out of San Francisco. Loved our 3 day stay in the Bay area and the trips to Carmel, Muir Woods and the wine country. But I know now how much better it would have been if I had had a Travelscoot at that time.