Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Norwegian Cruise Line

This is from Susan, a new TravelScoot user.  Do any of you have experience with Norwegian?

I am new as a user of the TravelScoot. I had read all the website information about air travel but it didn't have any information about cruises. I had assumed it would not be a problem to take the TravelScoot on a cruise. However while planning to book a cruise on Norwegian I noticed in the accessible section that it said those bringing scooters on board must have gel batteries. Do you or anyone else you know with the TravelScoot have any experience bringing the lithium ion batteries onto a Norwegian cruise?I certainly do not want to travel to Hawaii by air only to discover I cannot bring my TravelScoot on the ship! Plus the gel batteries are heavier and don't last as long making them seem less useful on a cruise. I would appreciate any information you can provide because this is a last-minute plan and the cruise is in February! Thank you so much for anything you can do to help.


Update: To read the many positive responses about cruising on Norwegian Cruise Line with a TravelScoot, check out this post: http://mytravelscoot.blogspot.com/2015/01/norwegian-cruise-lines-responses.html


  1. We traveled on four cruises since we got our scoots in May. Three on RCCL and once in Europe Avalon river cruise. Never had any trouble at all with our scoots on the cruise. We NEVER really told the cruise lines we had the travelscoots, just show up each time, NO problem. There were many scooters, all different on board. On each of our RCCL cruises, we met some one with a travelscoot, LOL, What a small world. Most of the people on their scooters asked about our travelscoots as these were more smaller and light weight than their scooters. RCCL had a special checkin area for handicap. No need to wait in the regular checkin, just scoot past everyone. I am sure that Norwegian has the same policies. No one ever question a handicap traveler. Have fun.

  2. I've cruise many times with my Travelscoot on cruises with no problem at all but not on NCL, only on Carnival RCCL and Princess. I would also ask this question on the Disabled Travel forum on Cruise-Critics if you haven't already done so. Have you called NCL's special needs department? One of the things I've always heard is the battery needs to be sealed and non-spillable with the Li-on is.

  3. I'll echo the above comments. My only NCL cruise was on the original Norway, which was before my scooting days. Have taken my TravelScoot on Princess (which I cannot recommend for anyone with mobility challenges), Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity. None of them ever had a problem with the 'Scoot's non-spillable Li ion battery.I wonder if the term "gel-cell" on the NCL website really means non-spillable. I suggest you discuss this on the phone with on of their "Access Coordinators" at the number listed on their accessible traverl page. Good luck!