Tuesday, June 16, 2015

On the Go in Amsterdam with Ruth

I have been scooting happily around Amsterdam for several days now without significant problems. Unlike a larger scooter, the TS is welcome on the city trams, so getting around has been easy. I have used a number of sources to check out places in advance for accessibility. The Rijksmuseum is NOT friendly for scooters, and they do not have anywhere secure to park it even if you are willing to surrender it for a wheelchair. However, the Van Gogh Museum, the Jewish Historical Museum, and the Hermitage Amsterdam are all accessible on a TS. The Dutch have been very curious and friendly. The biggest challenge so far has been that sometimes it is easier to scoot in the bike lanes than on the sidewalks, and the bicyclists here all seem to ride like mad bombers! I am adjusting to a "holy terror" style of riding in self defense.

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