Monday, December 27, 2010

Dean Rescued in Hong Kong by Nat of Rugged Tree

Recommending Nat if you're in Asia

I'm not sure why Dean has so many belt problems. I've had my scoot for almost 2 years and have never had a belt break. --Elizabeth

I have learned a few things about TravelScoots having taken mine around the world numerous times this year and one of them is watch the inclines you try and take them up. In front of the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong, the hill is a killer. Today I was at a store at Harbor Centre and I noticed the 'click' which signals your belt is slipping. That is the kiss of death for the TravelScoot because it means you are about to lose your belt. When I changed hotels to the other Intercontinental, the belt stretched and it was over. Luckily I had one more belt (2nd one I've changed in 7 days) but I was now without any backup belts. I went to and learned that they have an agent in Singapore so emailed Nat at and told him of my plight. He doesn't take credit cards but we figured out we can do it via paypal ( so he went to the postoffice and express mailed it to me.

For those of us who depend on their TravelScoots being without it would be a disaster. It should arrive in 2 days and I'll feel relieved. Anyway, I would like to recommend Nat as a good person to know if you travel in Asia and especially Singapore. He is my 'angel' this week. I will continue running around Hong Kong secure in the knowledge that I have another belt if this one breaks.


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  1. i use my scooter more than most..haha..but I now don't try to push it on too steep of hills. I intend to make the move to a chain and larger engine.