Monday, December 27, 2010

TravelScoot in a Tokyo Taxi

My TravelScoot fits in a Tokyo taxi. Yesterday it experienced an earthquake and no damage. On to Hong Kong.



  1. Hello Elizabeth! My husband has MS and we feel blessed to have found the TravelScoot. We will be traveling to China and Japan next year. In looking into tours, I'm being told that the TravelScoot cannot be used on the sidewalks of Japan as it exceeds the 6 kilometer per hour (4 MPH) limit. I'm also being told it can't be taken into restaurants or buildings. Did you experience any problems in Tokyo using the TravelScoot? Thank you so much for your help. Melanne

  2. Let me assure you there is no problem with the TravelScoot in Japan. I have used it many many times. First time I came in they were afraid of it and assigned an older man to run along side it in the Terminal but now they are used to it. I usually fly ANA or Singapore Airlines and they know it. in terms of the sidewalks there is NO problem; other than people want to buy it from you. ha ha..Dean, tel 402-996-0433 if you would like to talk to me I work for a Japanese company and make many trips/year to Tokyo