Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cold Weather TravelScooting

Dean sent this in on February 9th.  I'm a little behind on blog posts!  -- Elizabeth
I have been learning things about living in cold weather. Since I am on a project that keeps me in Omaha (and my wife is in Phoenix) this week it got down to minus 8 degrees F. I learned that lithium batteries have perhaps 1/2 of their power in that cold of weather. My scooter functions wells but the aluminum body 'creaks' as does my own body in the cold weather..ha ha....

Dean, on his experiment of living with a TravelScoot and traveling worldwide

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  1. Oh dear Dean, I feel for you if you have to scoot any where below zero!

    It gets fairly cold here and I leave my scoot in the trunk.

    My scoot was not wanting to move in the mornings, it was slow and needed a lot of foot help to get it up the slight incline to enter the building where I work.

    I started boiling some water and pouring it into a bottle and laying it under the scoot in the trunk and wrapping a beach towel around it to help hold the heat in. In the time it takes for my car to warm up and drive to work the frost is off my scooter and it runs a lot better when I take it from parking lot to building.

    I really would like to think up an electric blanket of some sort for my scoot in the winter.