Sunday, February 20, 2011

Travelscoot and HOPE!

I received the following email from a blog reader. I hope we hear about MANY future TravelScoot adventures from her.

Thank you so much for making your blog.

I've been getting sicker these last five years- can't really walk anywhere anymore. I used those scooters at walmart and target, but they were heavy, loud and always ran down. I thought- this is mobility? We also live on the third floor of an apartment building- so lugging a 500lb scooter upstairs to charge it wouldn't work. I felt so trapped and alone.

Then I found the travelscoot and then your blog. I see pictures of people having FUN! They're outside! They're not alone! I cried because now I know I can have that too- I can have a life again. I could go for a walk with my Hubby like we used to. I could even go on a cruise! Imagine- me who only leaves the house for two hours a week- a CRUISE!

I'm excited again- to live and get out there! I hope to send you lots of pictures of me outside - spending time with my loved ones again. I might even get to the grocery store on my own!

You've given me a great gift- thank you so very very much.



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  1. Congratulations Jen!!! Plan to carry TravelScoot cards with you and get used to hearing "Hey Lady, Hey Lady", because when you start smiling and scooting, everyone will want to know about it. There is no better way to meet new people than to go someplace on your TravelScoot.