Monday, September 19, 2011

Plumping up the padding

This came today from Bee, one of my favorite TravelScooters. She and her wonderful hubby Sarge have had their Scoots for several years.

Hi Elizabeth! Well I got our seats recovered today and they sit really good now, very comfortable. Not fancy, in fact they look almost the same but the leather is nice and the padding is much better. The cost was $35.oo each. Money well spent if you ask me! It was an auto upholstery shop. It took two hours, we left the seats only and did some errands where walking wasn't too bad and went back for them. They used the existing seat as it was and put additional foam on top and then recovered them. I just told them to make them comfortable and to use black. I'm really happy with them and of course we don't use the backs on our scooters so didn't do those.