Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scooter gang of Vuosaari

From Elford in Helsinki, Finland:

Chris has a new Travelscoot now which we received from Munich. We have a lot of fun patrolling the neighborhood together. Occasionally we scoot down to the beach and have coffee at a small restaurant there. When we were going up hill, Chris would pass me up. I couldn`t figure why. I thought it was our weight difference. Then I decided to trade batteries without her knowing it. When we went for a ride next she complained that her scooter was a little slower than mine. I told her what I had done. My batteries are over two years old now and hers are brand new. Anyway, when we go out now we both use her new batteries or we both use the old batteries. Then we we go at the same speed.  

Welcome Chris!  It's good to see you and Elford enjoying your TravelScoots together.  My two regular size lithium ion batteries are around the same age as yours and even at my much higher weight I'm still getting great service from them.


  1. You two are so cute. It makes me smile to think of you scooting around together :)

  2. You both must really turn heads scooting around cool!