Monday, February 20, 2012

From Keith in Thailand

Hi everyone.  I received the email message below from a new TravelScoot user. I'm delighted we have fellow scooters all over the world.  Keith lives in Thailand and has learned to put up with the "Gawping," but my favorite part is that he ... well, you should read it in his words.  I found his email very touching.

Welcome, Keith!

Hi Elizabeth

I am an expat Brit living in Thailand on the 19th January my partner and I took a flight to Singapore to buy a Travelscoot from Nat Cheang the local agent who received us with courtesy and pleasure.  We only experienced one small problem on returning back to Bangkok with it, we checked in at Singapore and they said it was ok to use the scooter up to the boarding gate and then  leave it for the baggage handlers what a delight to be able to scoot round the airport something I had not done for years but when we got on the aircraft the  steward informed us that this airline JetStar did not have a contract  with Bangkok baggage handlers to bring it up to the plane on landing so  we had to pack it in the holdall and collect it off the carousel However  we managed to arrange wheelchair assistance. The moral is to check with the airline before you venture out they also did not allow any type of battery in the cabin.

This piece of kit is what I should have had about two years ago I have osteoarthritis in both my knees and was at the point of considering a replacement of the left one however the mobility without pain has negated the need for surgery along with the associated risks at my age (76) I am so thrilled that I can go down to the shopping mall and Starbucks on my own I can now even put up with the "Gawping" (Yorkshire dialect for staring with the mouth wide open) My next challenge will be to take it with me to the UK even thinking about that trip I believed was a thing of the past.

Regards Keith


  1. Sounds exciting. I am off to a week in Tasmania with scooter. I am travelling with QANTAS. I have all the paperwork done and had lots of discussion. Hint Dont ring booking but ask for Medical section. They answer the phone in 5 minutes. I waited 2 and a half hours for booking last night. Leaving tomorrow.

    It is a bit of an experiment as I recently had 2 months in hospital I will let you know about my progress

    1. Tasmania beautiful. QANTAS unloads you from the plane with a rickety metal basket on a forklift like vehicle, no wet weather protection. I didn't fall out but was a bit scary. I hired a van for scooter and luggage only to find I couldn' lift my foot high enough to get in. Next time I will take a collapsable step. Car company worked hard to find Car to take everything.

      Stayed at MONA art gallery. This was excellent. Wonderful rooms great views and great disabled facilities. Scooter was great for zooming along paths and zoom zoom in gallery. Best part of whole trip.

      Accommodaion went down hill after this with three motels very ignorent of disability needs. I asked for a room with a view at 3 different 4 star hotels. I was told all those rooms were at the back of the motels with no views. So ring ahead and ask lots of questions. Scooter was great. I had a carer with me, my 27 year old daughter. I booked twin rooms. There was lots of pressure for my daughter to sleep with me. Not possible as I have had a colestemy and sometimes it leaks.

      No one was really nasty but I could see staff was out of their depth and mysrefied as what to do

      So go to Tasmania but check details of accommodation so you know what to expect. Very pretty