Saturday, April 14, 2012

Handicap Travel in Italy

As I got out of the small commuter plane from Brussels to Milan it appeared it was going to be one of those days.  I was dead tired having just flown from the US and they weren't at a ramp but rather you had to walk down the steps but I gathered up my strength and did it and there was my TravelScoot waiting for me.  We went outside the airport and a guy with a large van was sitting and negotiated him to drive us to a hotel we would stay for the night. A nice dinner in our room with wine and pasta made it all better and the next morning we 'scooted' 2 blocks to the Milan Italy train station.  We learned that there in Italy there is a group of offices at all major train stations called Sala Blu.

Just ask at the train station and they will escort you out to the train, use a special hoist to put you and your TravelScoot into the train and help you with your bags.  I suggest you not book 1st class since the most friendly handicap rail cars are 2nd class but nice.  We then took the train to Venice and when there a special water taxi awaited me.  It had a hydraulic lift and you stepped off of the dock onto it and then it lowered you down and you sat in the beautiful wood boat.  I have to admit that the tides in Venice are a bit of a challenge and make getting on and off a challenge but I did it.

The water taxis which go all over the area go to stops and the stops are a bit of a challenge because the tide moves but people are happy to help you and once one the boat I just held on and sat on my TravelScoot.

There is no reason NOT to go to Italy if you get a chance. Your TravelScoot will allow you the freedom to wander around and eat the fine foods and drink the fine wines.  We even went on a tour and went in a factory that makes parmigiana  cheese and another that made balsamic vinegar.

Everywhere I went people stopped me and I gave out cards and told them I travel constantly on mine.    I suspect Tony at TravelScoot can keep up with me from weird calls he gets from the places I travel to.      

Dean Hughson, Omaha Nebraska


  1. Glad you had a great time in Italy.

    I am wondering if you have any experience with travelscoot on cobblestone streets and how it went?

  2. Travelscoot on cobblestone works just fine!