Sunday, October 7, 2012

Krystal's Third Anniversary

Krystal's TravelScoot in Costume

From Krystal:

Today is the anniversity of getting my scooter. In the past three years I've learned some interesting things about people by the comments.

Here's a sampling:

"You really don't need that." (By my boss who saw me hobbling around in pain for years.)

"You can be healed." (From a stranger a D*C.)

"Use it or lose it." (Various people who I thought were my friends.)

Twenty years of working at different exercises, medications, etc. doesn't seem to have helped. Or maybe it would be better if I were to just stay at home in pain and depressed where they wouldn't have to deal with the change in my life style. This also usually comes from people who don't know about scooters and/or have not paid attention to the fact that the TravelScoot actually helps with my therapy - kicking back to reverse, weight training getting it in and out of the Ravi, core muscle excises from balancing on the backless seat. (Aside from offsetting the depression because it's fun!)

"Why do you need that?" (For some reason, strangers seem to think that I should justify why I'm using a scooter. Some people are actually inquiring for their sake or that of a loved one. Other people think it's out of laziness not realizing that it would be so much cooler to have two good working legs. I really miss my sassy walk.)

"Good for you." (My boss's boss who kept wanting to send me home because he could see how much pain I was in.)

"That's sooo cool!" (OK, so this is my favorite. I've noticed a lot of scooter envy. It's mine and you can't have it. So there.)


  1. I'm so happy that I get mostly, "That's sooo cool!" That costume would add to that. Where can I get one?

    1. I too have thought about arting mine up. But I'm having quite a time figuring out something that suits me, and still shows the cool pipes.

      I have taken off the red fabric thing below, because sometimes I have to step there to balance myself when I get on and off. I get a people often telling me that is "cool". I'm so happy with it. It's sporty.

      I'm thinking about just crocheting tubes to sew onto the pipes.

      BTW, to the original poster, please, ignore people's comments. Human beings are sometimes so hard on each other. We don't need to accept that as our reality or truth. Enjoy your life. RIDE TALL!

  2. Linda,
    The costume is homemade as there still isn't a large market for scooter costumes and bling for some reason.

    Janet, just remember that you'll want to be able to remove the pipe covers to wash them. (I've got multiple seat / cup holder covers to match seasons and what I'm wearing.)

    If you have to ride, Ride Cool!


  3. Good thought. Maybe I'll put decorative hooks or buttons to hold the crocheted stuff on. I was thinking about a spider web macrame thing on it somehow too for Halloween. I remember a woman who hung dream catchers from her walker a few years ago. I liked that too. Thanks Krystal. Yup, might as well be cool!

  4. Janet,

    If you are feeling a little 'witchy', it's easy to get a bundle of broom straw from a craft store and make a broom that attches to the top of the triangle and rests on the battery. Mine has frogs on it also. The cat rides in the cauldron I attach to the drink holder.

    For some night time fun, get a small pack of those battery operated minature christmas tree lights. I use 'one strap' cable ties to attach it to the frame.