Friday, October 12, 2012

Rear View Mirrors

Help Frank find a rear view mirror so he can see who is behind him

From Frank in Melbourne, Australia

QUERY:  HAS ANYONE FITTED OR DESIGNED A “REAR VIEW MIRROR” TO THE TRAVELSCOOT?  I have found that this can be quite useful if, for example, one is going along a narrow path  or in a “crowd” of people heading to or from, say, a show etc. on a ship, because it is easy for one to stray into a pedestrian’s path if he/she is wanting to overtake you in the  aforementioned circumstances.

In reply to KRYSTAL:  I fully agree to what you (they) say but I have had countless people just stare behind me in amazement at that  “amazing scooter”, and even the ships’ waiters rush to be the one who rides it back (from its “parking lot”)  to my table after dinner!


  1. I've thought of the same thing, a rear view mirror to attach to the pole and sticks out just enough to see what's coming up behind. I can see problems with it though.

    BUt, I notice Frank is wearing a hat. I saw, someplace small mirrors that attached to the bill that could be moved so the person could glance at the mirror and see if anything is back there. They were small though! I will ask my husband for ideas too.

  2. I can't help with a mirror but I can tell you the holes on the brake levers (the ones with the little rubber plugs in them)take a M8 X 1.25 pitch bolt. I believe that most bicycle mirrors will work.

  3. I bought a pair of sunglasses with mirrors at the outer edges of each lens , they do work & they don't look silly. normal from the front .