Sunday, December 30, 2012

New videos from TravelScoot

These are four new videos from TravelScoot.  To view a video on YouTube, click on the picture.

TravelScoot mobility scooter used for commuting on public transportation.

TravelScoot mobility scooter used for shopping.

TravelScoot mobility scooter in an airport.

TravelScoot mobility scooter used in a train station.


  1. These videos are of Hardy Huber, who we all have to thank for inventing the TravelScoot. I know you're going to ask about the cart he has attached to his scoot in the shopping video, and I don't know where it came from. If you know, please leave a comment about it, or email me, Thanks!

  2. That cart/trailer is to die for. I have seen lots of different trailers on the web attached to bicycles. After seeing them I had a dream where I was pulling one full of little dogs behind my TravelScoot!

  3. Cynth, I emailed Hardy and he responded back telling me that Tony has the carts in stock. I don't know any details about it yet. :-)

  4. Sweet! I am looking forward to the details about it and I am already wondering if I can fit one into my car...

  5. What great videos. I take my travescoot everyweek on the bus. TIP: When riding on public transportation turn the wheel to a 45 degree angle. Helps brake the scooter.

  6. a easier way for the hemroid prone seat is to replace the seat with one from a pride gogo ultra, fits perfectly, you should be able to find one at any mobility repair shop, ride in fun