Monday, March 18, 2013

Once again, another GREAT vacation made possible by TravelScoot

Denise and Jan in New Orleans

Jan in Cozumel

Denise, scootering under the influence!

I wanted to share my recent travels on my Travelscoot with you.  We went on a cruise once again, this time out of New Orleans on the Navigator of the Seas.  We were traveling with a group of friends from the website and my friend from Minnesota Jan also uses a Travelscoot.  I've attached a picture of Jan and me on our Travelscoots on the streets of New Orleans.  Next is a picture of Jan scootering down the International pier in Cozumel Mexico.  And then a pic of me after too many Margaritas.....and yes, I should have gotten a SUI (Scootering Under the Influence).

Once again another GREAT vacation made possible because we can get around and tour on our Travelscoots!

Denise Z


  1. Great pictures, so glad you had a great time.

  2. Did you feel safe in New Orleans?
    We considered going there recently, but we are seniors and I felt a bit too vulnerable on my scooter.
    It had a reputation for high crime rate before, wondered if you felt ok there? Thanks.

  3. I felt very safe in New Orleans but I traveled with a group of people....and we weren't out past 9 pm.