Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Update and some Questions from Frank in Melbourne, Australia

A TravelScoot with FOUR Wheels

An interesting item of news about the Travelscoot from our agent is that for SYDNEY (Australia)  customers who wish to use it on Public Transport, changes had to be made, for it is now mandatory for all “scooters” (baby carriages and all) to have FOUR wheels.  The front wheel is now being offered with two (twin) wheels.  This also is said to make the Travelscoot a little more stable (it is said).  This, of course is offered for the client’s decision, but at an additional $AU200.

Any experience with Allure of the Seas?

In May we are off again to your fair country, which involves Las Vegas (of course!) to take in a few shows and a Globus tour along the Eastern part of the States and Canada, finishing in New York.  Part of our journey also involves 2 x back to back 7 day cruises to the Western and Eastern Caribbean on the “Allure of the Seas”.  We believe that this is quite a “humungous” ship and which we are really looking forward to.  Has any of our tri-cycled gang ever done a cruise on this ship and/or visited its ports and can they give us any ideas of what to look out for (and what to be careful of or miss?)

How do you transport your TravelScoot? 

I find that transporting my scooter in the bag provided, whilst travelling,  can sometimes be a little precarious, for non of the modes....air or ship, still seem a little dodgy, even though we have FRAGILE posted all over the bag.  We have looked at golf bags, but they don’t seem rigid enough or long enough.


  1. Frank, which itinerary are you doing on the Allure...Eastern or Western? I have used my Travelscoot extensively while cruising and in many of these ports (most recently Cozumel, Falmouth) with GREAT success. Labadee is the only port I have not been to. Most depends on what you want to do but you should be able to find something in all ports that the Travelscoot will do just fine. I have not sailed Allure or Oasis but the Voyager class ships have been great with my TS. I'd recommend stopping in the Cruise Critic handicapped forum and ask your question there also.

  2. LOL I completely missed that you are doing both an East/West B2B....good for you! I am jealous :)

  3. Frank, I've been on Allure with my TS... HUGE ship, could not have done it without the 'Scoot. Have also been on the same western itinerary on Freedom OS.

    Have not done an eastern cruise in quite a while. St. Thomas and St. Maarten are beautiful if you get away from the crowded shopping areas. St. Thomas downtown (last I was there, which was pre-TS) is not scooter friendly -- almost all the stores have steep steps, the sidewalks are narrow, crooked and crowded. I don;t believe there is any store on St. Thomas that cannot also be found on a more scooter-friendly island.

    On your western itinerary, consider reserving Cabana #2 on Labadee as soon as you can -- it's the only cabana with a ramp. Most of Labadee is scooter-friendly -- paved pathways. But sometimes you might need to scoot (or walk) a bit over hard sand. If you'll be going in the water a lot, they have beach wheelchairs (with balloon tires) available.

    We found newly-built Falmouth to be quite accessible -- most of the newer stores have a ramped entrance, corner cuts at every intersection, etc. When we took an excursion, they just used two seats in the minivan to stow my TS. There were 2 or 3 vans going at once so plenty of seats for everyone.

    Oh! Hint for Allure only -- there is a sorta secret one-time-per-cruise "Speakeasy Party" -- loads of fun! Bring any roaring-20's-like costume you like. (A feather boa and skinny white tie are easy to pack.) Look for it under specialty dining on the pre-cruise reservations page. Only 50 or so tix sold.

    The Allure is such an amazing ship, the ports of call almost don't matter. In a two-week B2B, you might get to see the whole ship. There are delightful little details everywhere!

    Trying to find our Allure photos -- they must be on hubby's camera.

    Any other specific questions?

    Hope this helps -- have a GREAT cruise, and rest of your trip.