Sunday, April 28, 2013

Question about Smaller Size TravelScoot

Jodie needs help deciding on which size TravelScoot.  Do you have any thoughts or want to share your experience?

Hey there! Believe it or not I got my TravelScoot from the "original creator" Hardy. I picked it up after he built it in his airplane hangar in FL. I obviously LOVE it & have enjoyed your blog too. My question is this...I'm obviously in need of a new one after the wear and tear over 7-8 years and am not sure if I'd be better off on a junior size one that's available now? I'm fairly small (110 lbs or so) & think I would like a little smaller frame. Does anyone have any ideas regarding the comparison? I'm hoping for someone's (anyone's) outside experience with them.

Thank you!



  1. I'm not quite 5' 4" tall and I'm glad I got the full-sized one. It fits me just fine. I think I'd have to bend my knees more than I find comfortable to fit on the junior. But, you know better than any of use how stretched you may feel on the full-sized one. I have long arms yet the steering wheel in my RV is further away that I'd like and it is tiring to have to stretch to reach all the time.

  2. My wife is 4'10" tall around 110-115 lbs and got the junior one fits her perfect. The junior one is a bit shorter on seat height. You can see the difference in pictures of the tubes that sit below the seat and fit into bottom frame. Also the width and length are few inches smaller too.

  3. I am 4' 11" and I have the standard size and feel very comfortable on it.