Friday, November 1, 2013

Creaky Seat Fix (with pictures): Installing a washer under the seat

Thanks to Sheron for sharing more information about this fix.  Read this post too:

From Sheron:

Base of seat

Undo hex bolt to loosen the clamp that holds the seat pillar

Extract seat pillar from seat base

Shows the 26mm OD rubber washer ready to insert into tube on seat base

Push rubber washer down to bottom of seat base tube

Insert tube and tighten VERY tight (I used a pair of pliers to hold the allen key to get the bolt nice and tight)
It's a 5-minute job .... really.  Job done.

Note: The 25.5 & 25mm washers are a lot thinner than the 26mm ones.   If anyone is using either of them instead of the thick 26mm ones, they'll need to use several of them .... for best results just under 1/4inch thickness is good.

Hope that helps



  1. Excellent! I love step by step posts, thank you.

  2. Elizabeth.
    I'm thinking of getting a TravelScoot and I saw your posts saying how good it has been for you. I have a bad leg and think it looks like a solution as a mobile/folding scooter but I'm a big woman too. Do you just have a regular TravelScoot and could you give me an idea how long the lithium battery lasts on a full charge? I'm going to an event in March and I will be at the event auditorium all day, is the battery likely to last that long or do I need to order a second/spare battery?
    Thank you

  3. Elizabeth
    I saw your blog about your travelscoot and wondered if I could ask you a couple of questions?
    I'm thinking of getting a travelscoot as a folding mobility scooter as I have a bad leg, I'm a big woman too and I wondered if you just got a regular travelscoot? Can you tell me how many hours do you find the lithium battery lasts when it's been fully charged? I'm going to the country music festival in March and I will be out and about all day. Does the battery last all day or should I think about getting a spare battery? Thanks Elizabeth.