Monday, July 14, 2014

Carrying a Walker on the TravelScoot

Sorrell wrote recently asking if any of you had figured out a way to attach a walker to a TravelScoot.  His wife who has had a stroke has problems with balance, but is able and needs to use a walker for short distances.  She uses the scoot for longer distances, such as at a museum or at the zoo, etc.  But they like to take the walker along so she can access bathrooms more readily, or walk for shorter distances wherever they might be.

They are interested in any ideas anyone else may have tried, or anyone else's experiences with this problem.

Sorrell sent in the pictures below of what they've devised.  He says that although this system works, it's rough and somewhat clumsy and heavy and can probably be improved upon with a lighter metal, improved design, or a totally different solution.  They are looking for suggestions, perhaps from someone who has dealt with this before.

Photo #1 shows how they had a metal worker create these two gutter-like cup structures (cut from pipe) welded respectively to two short metal stems, welded in turn to short metal pipe segments that fit as sleeves over the yoke arms of the TravelScoot. These in turn are welded to a metal rod which stabilizes the position of the gutter cups.  The welding is critical as the position of the sleeves differs on the right and left arms of the yoke because of the holding clamp on the right arm.

Photo #2 show the placement of this contraption on the yoke.

Photos #3 and #4 show the walker positioned on the back of the TravelScoot seat.  The wheels of the walker rest in the gutter like cups, with the upper crossbars of the walker attached to the upright post of the back support with a bungee cord.

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