Monday, July 7, 2014

Carrying a Walker

The post below is from Sorrell.  He's his wife's "scooter wrangler" and he's trying to find a way to carry her walker on the TravelScoot.  If you have input on this, please post the answer in a comment on the blog, or send an email to 

From Sorrell:

I have enjoyed reviewing many of the entries in your Travelscoot blog, but I was looking to see if any one had created a form of attachment to the Travelscoot for a walker.  My wife who has had a stroke has problems with balance, but is able and needs to use a walker for short distances.  We use the travel scoot for longer distances, such as at a museum or at the zoo, etc.  But we like to take the walker along with us so that she can access bathrooms more readily, or to walk for shorter distances wherever we might be.

We have created a metal attachment for the yoke under the seat, but it's not great.  If there are any ideas out there that someone may have tried, we would like to hear about it, or anyone else's experiences with this problem.

Thank you for any help that might be available.

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